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Request Letter for the Purchase of Solar System

If you have been wanting to write a request letter to the management to order and request the installation of a solar system for your office/school/factory we got you these sample letters that you can easily use to write a request letter of your own by easily copying the format. If you got requests for purchase letters for any other things you can leave your requests in the comment box.

Request Letter to Purchase a Solar System for the Office

Pharma Technologies,

56 Arena X, Chennai, India.

Subject: Request Letter to Purchase and Installation of Solar System for the Office

Dear Sir,

Hope you are having a good day, this letter has been written to you to request the purchase and installation of solar panels in the office. Due to the sudden increase in the demand for electricity in summers when we have to operate all the air conditioners and fans all the time for the staff to work easily in this heat. This has put a burden n the capacity that we can consume and also increased load shedding for everyone due to more demand in every sector of the society and being off the electricity many routine jobs get delayed.   Moreover, this increased demand and operating Air Conditioners daily has increased our electricity bill and it is going out of budget.

We have decided on installing solar panels in the office this will help us generate our own electricity without any cost and will save the monthly bills that we have been paying also without any load shedding problems. I request you kindly approve this purchase and installation as soon as possible for the office. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

Hemant Khanna, Manager.

Request Letter to Purchase Solar Panels for the School

Mumbai Public School For Boys,

Street C, Mumbai, India.

Subject: Request Letter to Purchase of Solar System For the School Building

Dear Sir,

This letter is being written to you to notify you about the problems we have been facing due to increased load shedding in summers and very high electricity bills. Our bill has increased by 70%  in these last 3 months due to all ACs being operated to keep the building cool. This amount of bill is simply out of budget every month. We have decided to request the installation of solar panels in the school building. Through a solar system, we will be able to provide electricity for our school`s needs without any load shedding situation.

Or this reason I would like you to approve the purchase of a 25KW Solar system for our school. So that we can request the inspection and quotation from the market as soon as possible. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

Shreya Goshal, Vice Principal.

Request Letter to Purchase Solar System for the Factory

Jenny Garments,

Block E, New Delhi, India

Subject: Request Letter to Head Management for the Purchase of a Solar System

Dear Sir,                               

It is to request you for installation of a solar system in the factory. load shedding has increased in the summers and generators can not run all the machines and appliances that we have to use daily. The monthly bill has also crossed our budget. In this situation, it will be e smart decision to switch to solar energy. That we will not have any problems with load shedding and we can also sell the electricity through net metering and it will also generate a side income that could be used for routine operations.

Kindly approve this purchase and installation and let us know about your decision. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

Arijit Khanna, Manager.

Donation Request Letter for Solar Energy System

Sample Donation Request Letter for Solar Energy System. As you know electricity rates increasing day by day, and its very difficult to maintain the expenses of electricity therefore any non profit/charity based organization can use this format of letter for donation amount.You can also mention your required item in letter. Sample letter is given below.

Donation Request Letter for School

Mr. Ahmed Khan
Cola Cola Export Corporation.
Al-6,Lane 14,Phase v111
DHA,Off Khayaban-e-Bader,

Subject: Donation Amount for Solar Energy

Dear Sir,

We are grateful for your previous support. You always support us to accommodate more special children to bring change in their lives and, It is because of our dedicated hard work and as well as your kind support that our institution has been able to achieve various goals.

While providing rehabilitation facilities of International Standard to our special children a major concern is the ever increasing cost of electricity rates. We are trying to convert electricity into solar energy system in two floors of our main Defense Campus which will cost about Rs 2.6 million rupees. We have approached Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled who have promised to  bear 50% of  the cast.

May we request your good self and Cola Cola Export Corporation to help  us for the remaining 1.30 million rupees. This will bring substantial relief to there heavenly souls and the financial burden on the society.
Looking for your positive feedback.
Yours Sincerely,
Rehab Foundation


Donation Request Letter for Solar Energy System Sample
Donation Request Letter for School