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Evaluation Letter of Teacher before Increment

Sample Evaluation Letter of teacher before increment. In any educational organization, increments are feast and the evaluation is the cooker where he or she is to be pressurized for better results. This letter is like North Star for the searching souls.

Evaluation Letter of Teacher before Increment

Mr. Tom David,
The Moon Lit Dust School System,
London, England.

Subject: Evaluation of teacher before increment

Dear David,

Hope, you will be gliding in flying colours of your life as every cloud has a silver lining. You are a new inductee. We hired you three months before the commencement of the academic session this year. You qualified the panel interview preceded by written test. You were on probation of three months as per policy. We found you eligible for the post of Science Teacher for junior classes as we received no complaints from your side or from your colleagues regarding your behavior and professional expertise.

We deem it perfect to bring into your notice that in the mid of the session each year, we evaluate our staff members who are newly recruited by us in the system. This evaluation is important as on its behalf we determine the
increment ratio in your current salary. All increments depend on your performance and the grades you will achieve.
We will evaluate you on the following basics:

1. Quality of copy checking,
2. Efficacy in planner writing,
3. Class management,
4. Discipline control,
5. Activity based learning environment,
6. Student-teacher relationship,
7. Teacher-parent relationship,
8. Teacher-teacher relationship
9. Use of Realia
10. Participation in Extra-curricular activities and curricular activities.

We will come to you in a week for further proceedings. Best of luck to you from our side and dream for the perfection, but prepare for the worst. Thank you.


4 th July, 2017.

Evaluation Letter for Special Children

Sample Evaluation Letter for special children. Evaluation serves as guideline for the process of diagnosis proceeded by its treatment. This letter is important for those persons who wanted to achieve the right goal in the right manner.

Sample Evaluation Letter for Special Children

The Head of Department,
Star Shining Special Education System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Evaluation for Special Children

Respected Signora!

I believe, you will be in excellent mood an enjoying the prime of health in your blessed life. I wanted you to kindly arrange a team of three members; psychiatrists, speech therapist and a computer specialist (to note down the data then and there). The reason behind this extra duty is that I had received many requests from our partner schools that they wanted us to evaluate their children in front of their team members so that they can learn in a better way and then become capable of serving their newly opened branch in their own way.
This evaluation team will get extra bonus for each of their trips/visits. Kindly comply as soon as possible. Thank you.


Mr. Ottoman David
4 th July, 2017.