Job Application for Physiotherapist

Sample Format of Application for Physiotherapist. In modern world, we noticed that human beings have impure intake of food, swift pace of life and less time for rest results in certain physical ailments nowadays. Physical ailment, sometimes result in fatal strokes as well, if proper care is not taken. Physiotherapists are the one who help in curing such ailments. This format can be used by persons who wanted to apply for the said post.

Job Application for Physiotherapist

The Chairperson,
High Collar Aiding Center,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Job application for Physiotherapist

Respected Sir,

With due honour and prestige, it is to state with much humbleness and gratitude that I am a physiotherapist and worked for thirty years in different institutions and hospitals. I have my own clinic in suburb of California, but I am eager to serve the youngsters by helping them in regaining their standing on their own feet with my knowledge and expertise.

I am well aware of almost all the physical dysfunction and their possible treatments. I do love to engage myself with the future of United States of America. I want to give my children, what I have, within my abilities. I love to join you as visiting faculty, if not permanent staff member.For your kind concern and review, I had attached carbon copies of my degrees, achievements, certificates and professional excellence record with this application together with my Curriculum Vitae. I hope you will be proud by appointing me in your institution, where I will serve my children and prepare them for future concerns. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Freddy John Anderson,

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