Cover Letter for Summer Internship Program

Sample Cover Letter for Summer Internship Program. If any student/internee of schol/college/university wants to apply for summer internship program either paid or unpaid, a cover letter is a must thing to write along with the curriculum vitae. Format of cover letter is given below.

Cover Letter for Summer Internship Program Sample

Address: ____________________
Contact No. __________________
E-mail: ____________________
Date: _____________________
Mr./M s. ___________________

Respected Sir/Madam,

Subject: Applying for Summer Internship program

I am here to introduce myself through my words. I want to experience the cause, the stature, the knowledge you impart through your worthy Internship Programs. I came to know about this opportunity through my friend who knew the quality of work you offer in your organization even though he/she is not part of your organization but your good hearsay compels him/her to convey good words about you to me.

I am a fresh graduate/ master degree holder from an HEC recognized institution. I belong to an educated family and want to work. The reason why you should or at least consider my resume befitting to the Internship is I am loyal and hard working. I think with these two traits I am able to get the training with eager heart and whatsoever the job demands from me. I am competent enough to cope up the challenges pushed up by the job requirements. I am punctual and believe in ‘stitch in time saves nine.’ I own the things that belong to me and so is the case with this job. I will never put in shame to my work and my words too. I hope you will consider my resume. I will contact your worthy self after a week or two so to spare you from trouble of sparing time from contacting me.

Best Regards,


Cover Letter for Summer Internship Program Sample
Cover Letter for Summer Internship Program Sample

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