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Thanks Letter to Employer for Job Promotion

Thanks Letter to Employer for Job Promotion. Sample letter format of thanking the employer for promotion Promotions and up gradations are a good news for the respective persons and a call of congratulation for the deserving ones. In return, the greeting ones must get back greets and this is a right piece of writing for right purpose.

Thanks Letter to Employer for Job Promotion

Mr. Managing Officer,
Allure and Sundry System,
California, United State of America.

Subject: Thanking the employer for promotion in job rank

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due reverence and honor that I am Mr. Jacob Layman. I was serving the firm at the very seat of clerk from the last ten years, but now you have promoted me to the rank of accountant. I am really very thankful to you for this timely and generous act. With this letter I am sending a pack of sweets on your way. Kindly accept both from my side.Thank you and looking forward for a kind action.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Jacob Layman,
5th January, 2019.

Sample Email for Up-Gradation in Designation

Mr. Principal,
Steel and Sundry System,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Thanking the email for up-gradation in designation

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due respect and honor that I am Mr. Ferry Layman. I am an English Language teacher in the senior wing from the last ten years. I am getting old and wanting the respite from the hectic
routine of teaching learning practices and yesterday I got the email from your side announcing the up gradation of me to section Head! It was the hilarious news and wanting it badly. Please accept my heartiest thank to you from the depth of my soul. Thank you for your fine sense of decision and time bound action.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Ferry Layman,

Promotion Letter for Teacher by School

Sample Promotion Format Letter for Teachers. Encouragements are positive remarks and it propels the employees to give their ‘the best’ to the employers. Words of admiration are sent to teachers/lecturers on and off by the school’s administration to praise their teachers for their good works. Promotions are one such encouragements and a token of admiration for them by the high ups.

Sample Promotion Letter for Teacher by School

Ms. Angelina, Subject Coordinator.
New South Vales School.

Subject: Promotion Letter from Subject Coordinator to Head Teacher.

We are delighted to inform you that you are upgraded to the seat of Head Teacher by the Board of Directors. We took this tall decision by keeping in mind the work performance that you vintage in the many past years. You have been very dexterous, efficient, morally upright in character and words, loyal and committed soul during your splendid stay with us as a teacher and then as a subject coordinator. And we are hoping from you the same level of quality performance and character. This promotion is not an easy task to gain as it requires and demands a consistent quality work spreading over many years.

We are mindful of the task we are placing on you but we are also very well aware of your command on subject and mastery to handle the crisis management at all levels.

You are given a load of duties in form of this promotion which is a hand in glove in fact. Your monthly salary is raised up to 50 per cent of your current salary. Congratulations! We are also offering you a free mess in the mid breaks which you will surely enjoy. Smile and pull your socks up for the work that awaits you!

Best of the wishes,

Mr. Marven Tom
September 30, 2015

 Promotion Letter for Teacher by School
Promotion Letter for Teacher by School

Employee Encouragement Letter Sample

Sample Employee Encouragement Letter.This letter is for all the employers to encourage/apprectiate their employees for their hard work and dedication in their respective fields.This format can be used for all officers,managers,etc. Necessary changes can be done.

Employee Encouragement Letter Sample

Mr John Mehta
Senior Marketing Manager,

                                      To whom it May Concern.

It is to state that you have been a great employee at our department. Your hard work and dedication has paid off in the success of our company. You have proven to be the best employee of our company and we are writing this letter to encourage you for all the hard work you have done till now.

This is to let you know that it is really worth the hard work and effort that you have done for our company. You have also given a bonus for your extraordinary work to encourage you and all the rest of the employees so that they keep on doing good work.

This has been a very stressful and hectic year for all of us in the company but we still managed to achieve all the targeted goals. We are also giving a vocational trip to Goa for four days for your relaxation and fun. This trip will make you relax and will make you fresh and you will be able to continue the work with more dedication and hard work.

Those hard times have gone and all your efforts have been paid off as we achieved all the goals before deadline. This has boosted our sales and our profits have also increased. The goodwill of our company also increased which are attracting more shareholders and investors.

We wish you luck for the future and hope that you will keep on doing this hard work.

Raj Malhotra
Mi Casa International

Employee Motivation Letter Sample
Employee Motivation Letter Sample

Encouragement Letter for Employee

Subject:  Employee Encouragement Letter
Dear Ahsan Raza,
We are hereby glad to inform you that management is highly impressed by your working skills. Your sincerity towards you work and your competence is visible to all. The credit goes to your efforts that within the working period of two years you have gained double promotion.
 You have always been a good employee and your working capabilities makes you prominent. You are an asset for our organization and you fall on our expectations in all projects assigned to you. We would like to encourage you for the latest project which you have decided to done up.
 It is not an easy task, but as your skills are remarkable and you are capable to handle tough tasks. We wish you all the very best for your future and hope that you will work with patience and intellectual strategies, and your every step will purely for organization’s benefit.
Warm regards and good luck.

Rejection Letter for Promotion

Sample Rejection Letter for Promotion. If any organization has received application from its working employee related to his/her promotion and the management cannot accept the request for the time being, or has to hire any other working body against the specific position, this particular format of rejection letter can be used. Clearly elaborate that why are you not able to accept the promotion application. Templates are given below.

Rejection Letter for Promotion

Mr. James Keat.
Assistant Account
Falcon’s Agency, California.

Subject: Rejection Letter for Promotion

Dear Mr. James,

This letter is to inform you that Management received your application for promotion at the designation of Manager Accounts. We regret to inform you that your promotion letter has been rejected by the Management. The reason which has lead to this is, the requirements against the post of Accounts Manager by the Company are higher than your experience.

Though you bear good educational degrees as well as you are with us with last three years but your current experience for this position is not enough yet. Currently, we are hiring new Accounts Manager. As soon as the Management will think about any other promotion, your application will be considered for sure.

We hope that you understand the hereby given explanation and you will work will more enthusiasm to show your sincerity.

Warm Regards,

Falcon’s Agency.

Rejection Letter for Promotion
Rejection Letter for Promotion

Sample Rejection Letter for Promotion

Miss. Eva Watson
Customer Relation Officer
DEA Telecom Association, London.

Subject: Rejection Letter for Promotion

Dear Miss. Eva,

We regret to inform you that unfortunately your application for the promotion is not accepted by administration of DEA Telecom Association. We understand that you considered it an opportunity for yourself but we got other applications too. We have preferred some more experienced employee for the position of floor manager.

Administration is aware of your punctuality and sincerity with work but for now, it is not possible for the management to grant your application yet. We hope that you will understand the policies and regulations of our organization. Your application will be entertained if any promotions have to be done.

With Best Regards,

Managing Director,
DEA Telecom Association.


Cover Letter for Brand Promotion Manager

Sample format of Cover Letter for Brand Promotion Manager  or Job Application for Promotion Manager. The duties of promotion manager is to promote the item via various means, to supervise and coordinate company’s marketing and promotion. Read the job description before applying and mention your qualification and related experience accordingly.

Sample Cover Letter for Brand Promotion Manager

Mr. John Green
Hiring Manager,
Falcon’s Agency, London.
Subject: Job Application for Brand Promotion Manager
Dear Mr. John,
I want to apply in organization as a Promotions Manager as I come to know about vacancy through some reliable sources. My qualification and experiences are up to date. I am freshly graduated in Sales and Marketing from Oxford University, London. Side by side I did personal volunteerism in Promotion and Marketing Department of Nestle Company.
I did professional internship of one year with Vaseline Brand and I was Promotions Coordinator over there. My responsibilities were to supervise the campaigns and ideas along with advertisement for marketing and promotions of goods. I also have capability to deal with clients effectively because I possess good communication and management skills.
To work with your promotions team would be a great chance and I shall be able to accomplish tasks efficiently by supervision of experienced people and my latest ideas. I hope you will definitely give me this opportunity.
Yours Truly,
Martin Glare.
Enc. Resume.

Sample Cover Letter for Brand Promotion Manager
Sample Cover Letter for Brand Promotion Manager

Cover Letter for Promotion Manager Job

Mr. Stephe Jack
HR Manager,
Falcon’s Agency, Paris.

Subject: Job Application for Promotion Manager
Dear Sir,

Through your advertisement in the Local Newspaper yesterday, I have come to know about the vacant position of Promotion Manager in your worthy organization. Sir, I am an experienced person and I do possess experience of two years in the same field. I worked as a Promotion Assistant for two years in renowned textile company of London. But I am interested to be with an organization of heavenly repute and use my skills there.

I decided to write this cover letter right away when I read your advertisement. It would be a huge opportunity for me if I join your company as a Promotion Manager.  I did a diploma of two years in Promotions and Marketing from British Institute, London.  I am Graduate in Business Marketing, London.

I own very creative writing skills along with that I do have great communication skills. Getting a chance would be sort of pleasure for me as I would be able to show my competent side in front of you. Sir, it would be my privilege to work with your team. Enclosure contains my resume and experience letters. I hope to hear good from your side.

Yours Sincerely,

James Leo.
Contact: 00000000.


Recommendation Letter from Employer for Promotion

Promotion letter from management to employee for officers, Managers and other staff members. Letter is forwarded to staff members to be promoted from higher authorities. Promotion letters from Director to Officers, and other working staff. Can be used as a sample promotion letter for any post. Its template, format letter for official use, administration and sales staff. This letter also use as recommendation  promotion letter sample.

Promotion Letter from Employer Sample


Subject: Promotion Letter For Employee

Dear Ali,

We are hereby pleased to inform Mr. Ali working as Marketing Officer, that by dint of hard work, you have proved yourself to be a responsible and appropriate candidate as our decision of choosing you for the specific seat was right enough. Management has observed your working style and your consideration towards your work. Your interpersonal skills are provoking.

Being an intended person and showing sincerity has impressed higher authorities. According to the policy of our organization, we really appreciate our employees. We reckon to promote you at the post of Assistant Marketing Manager.

We are sure that you will prove our decision to be right and will work with more spirit to keep your post secure, we consider you as a tremendous asset of our organization.

Management congratulate you on this success of yours.

Warm Regards,

Promotion Letter from Employer Sample
Promotion Letter from Employer Sample


Promotion Letter from Employee to Employer.

Promotion letter from Employee to Employer Format. Sample promotion and increment letter can be used for gaining promotion and increment of salary.  Can be used as a sample promotion letter for any post like sales job, administration job, HR job, accounts job,Its template format promotion letter for official use. You can free download & change necessary changes according to your need, like designation, name, company name .

Promotion letter from Employee Sample

The Director Administration,
Star Mills Company.

Subject: Letter for Promotion and Increment

Respected Sir,
I am Ahsan Mustafa, working as a Administration Officer in your organization since 2011. Its been three years and I am contented towards my work and working with competence and sincerity. I’ve always achieved tasks assigned to me and I have never been exhausted due to overload of work.

I am an intended person and within my working time span. I have never been involved in any issue as well as I got title of ‘Employee of the year’. I will proudly say that I have availed bonus. I would like management to consider me for promotion and my increment as well.

I will definitely be a worthy person for you and will prove myself to be a hardworking employee. Looking forward to your response.

Thanking you I remain,


Promotion Letter to Employee for Good Performance Sample

Mr Haroon Ali
Clock No. FB-2
F& B Department
Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore.

Dear Haroon Ali,

I a m pleased to inform you that in recognition of the excellent service, rendered by you, it has been decided to promote you as Caption w.e.f 24-9-2014. On this occasion please accept congratulations from the management of Pearl Continental Hotel. 

This occasion calls for rededication to your assignment and greater pride in your hotel, which is one of the finest in the world. In the period that lies ahead. We hope that you will continue to discharge your duties dedicatedly and will always give your best.

Remember that your job is important and in your continued, regular and timely services lies  the betterment of the hotel and your own bright future.

I wish you the  best of luck in your career with pearl Continental hotel Lahore.

Yours Sincerely,
Col. Rahat Subhani
Director Hiring


Promotion Letter to Employee for Good Performance Sample
Promotion Letter to Employee for Good Performance Sample

Promotion Letter for Deputy Manager

To:  Mr Bashir Ahmed
Assistant Manager Food and Beverages
Information: Clubs Branch

Subject: Promotion

It is a matter pf pleasure to inform you that competent authority has approved your promotions as a deputy Manager Food and Beverages in DPS-12 at stage 111 with effect from 1ST may 2014.

The club management experts that you would continue working with same enthusiasm and apply your best abilities while  discharging your duties.

Wish you the best of luck for your future pursuits.

Col Faisal Ahmed
Sectary Defense Club


Request Letter for Promotion

 Promotion Letter format for managerial level. It can be used for a manager, Deputy manager, Human Resource manager,  IT manager, Administration manager, Event manager, Customer Relationship manager, Marketing manager, Accounts manager, in case of getting promotion or to request for promotion to employer.

Request Letter for Promotion Template


The Secretary,
Defence Club, J block

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I want you to permit me to draw your attention towards my issue. I Anees- ur -Rehman, working in defense Club as a assistant manager since Feb-2009, and now from the last year i have been working as a acting deputy manager. I am performing many major tasks like event management, and coordinating the whole event along with organizing major meetings. My working style is entirely different and as per my passion.

I alone has supervised many important arrangements and have been complimented. My achievements are upgraded along with the skills. I am capable person and have gained a lot of experience by my stay in this worthy institution and still I want to utilize my capabilities to serve this organization.

I have done many efforts and have made good worth by working sincerely but unfortunately my promotion file is not being forwarded, as the post of deputy manager is vacant since last year. No one has been hired on that post. I consider myself eligible for this post due to relative field of  experience and interest. Kindly, consider my request against the post as my working qualities are all in front of you and I worth the mentioned position.

I ensure you to work with full dedication and by dint of hard work, maintain repute of our company. My devotion will remain alive ever. I will be obliged for your consideration.

Thanking you for anticipation,

Sincerely  Yours,


Request Letter for Promotion Template
Request Letter for Promotion Template