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Promotional Letter of Services

Promotional Letter of Services. In promoting a business whether its small or large , a valued customers and clients are very important because they uses their product and would be going to buy it again and again in future. They can inform to their loyal clients through many ways about the services and extra features of their product, best way is con contacting them through a email and via a official letter. This is a sample letter how to write the product and services promotional letter to a valued customers and clients.

Promotional Letter of Services

To, Date 7.06.18
The valued client
Mr. William James

Subject: Promotional letter of product to the client

Dear James!

With the great pleasure, hopefully you would be enjoying good health and living a happy life. Mr. James my printing press was established in 1990 with a single room and there were very limited services for my clients. With the passage of time and feedback of my valued clients this press nourishes. Today with extreme pleasure I would like to announce and share that my press is now meeting the international standards and one of the leading press in the world.
Now I am introducing new services and I would like to inform you about that all via letter. These services are;

1- I am providing the services of Printing and variety of designing; full-color printing on a glossy paper to make images explode from the page.
2- I am providing indoors and outdoors both services. As a full-service printing press, I am providing many business-to-business services you might not expect to find beneath one roof anywhere else in this town. Yes, my press prints just about any business form imaginable, but I also provide many collateral sales and marketing services to my regular valued customers.
Thanks and all the best.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Frank
Emirates Printing Press

Cover Letter for Brand Promotion Manager

Sample format of Cover Letter for Brand Promotion Manager  or Job Application for Promotion Manager. The duties of promotion manager is to promote the item via various means, to supervise and coordinate company’s marketing and promotion. Read the job description before applying and mention your qualification and related experience accordingly.

Sample Cover Letter for Brand Promotion Manager

Mr. John Green
Hiring Manager,
Falcon’s Agency, London.
Subject: Job Application for Brand Promotion Manager
Dear Mr. John,
I want to apply in organization as a Promotions Manager as I come to know about vacancy through some reliable sources. My qualification and experiences are up to date. I am freshly graduated in Sales and Marketing from Oxford University, London. Side by side I did personal volunteerism in Promotion and Marketing Department of Nestle Company.
I did professional internship of one year with Vaseline Brand and I was Promotions Coordinator over there. My responsibilities were to supervise the campaigns and ideas along with advertisement for marketing and promotions of goods. I also have capability to deal with clients effectively because I possess good communication and management skills.
To work with your promotions team would be a great chance and I shall be able to accomplish tasks efficiently by supervision of experienced people and my latest ideas. I hope you will definitely give me this opportunity.
Yours Truly,
Martin Glare.
Enc. Resume.
Sample Cover Letter for Brand Promotion Manager
Sample Cover Letter for Brand Promotion Manager

Cover Letter for Promotion Manager Job

Mr. Stephe Jack
HR Manager,
Falcon’s Agency, Paris.

Subject: Job Application for Promotion Manager
Dear Sir,

Through your advertisement in the Local Newspaper yesterday, I have come to know about the vacant position of Promotion Manager in your worthy organization. Sir, I am an experienced person and I do possess experience of two years in the same field. I worked as a Promotion Assistant for two years in renowned textile company of London. But I am interested to be with an organization of heavenly repute and use my skills there.

I decided to write this cover letter right away when I read your advertisement. It would be a huge opportunity for me if I join your company as a Promotion Manager.  I did a diploma of two years in Promotions and Marketing from British Institute, London.  I am Graduate in Business Marketing, London.

I own very creative writing skills along with that I do have great communication skills. Getting a chance would be sort of pleasure for me as I would be able to show my competent side in front of you. Sir, it would be my privilege to work with your team. Enclosure contains my resume and experience letters. I hope to hear good from your side.

Yours Sincerely,

James Leo.
Contact: 00000000.