Promotion Letter for Teacher by School

Sample Promotion Format Letter for Teachers. Encouragements are positive remarks and it propels the employees to give their ‘the best’ to the employers. Words of admiration are sent to teachers/lecturers on and off by the school’s administration to praise their teachers for their good works. Promotions are one such encouragements and a token of admiration for them by the high ups.

Sample Promotion Letter for Teacher by School

Ms. Angelina, Subject Coordinator.
New South Vales School.

Subject: Promotion Letter from Subject Coordinator to Head Teacher.

We are delighted to inform you that you are upgraded to the seat of Head Teacher by the Board of Directors. We took this tall decision by keeping in mind the work performance that you vintage in the many past years. You have been very dexterous, efficient, morally upright in character and words, loyal and committed soul during your splendid stay with us as a teacher and then as a subject coordinator. And we are hoping from you the same level of quality performance and character. This promotion is not an easy task to gain as it requires and demands a consistent quality work spreading over many years.

We are mindful of the task we are placing on you but we are also very well aware of your command on subject and mastery to handle the crisis management at all levels.

You are given a load of duties in form of this promotion which is a hand in glove in fact. Your monthly salary is raised up to 50 per cent of your current salary. Congratulations! We are also offering you a free mess in the mid breaks which you will surely enjoy. Smile and pull your socks up for the work that awaits you!

Best of the wishes,

Mr. Marven Tom
September 30, 2015

 Promotion Letter for Teacher by School
Promotion Letter for Teacher by School

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