Recommendation Letter from Employer for Promotion

Promotion letter from management to employee for officers, Managers and other staff members. Letter is forwarded to staff members to be promoted from higher authorities. Promotion letters from Director to Officers, and other working staff. Can be used as a sample promotion letter for any post. Its template, format letter for official use, administration and sales staff. This letter also use as recommendation  promotion letter sample.

Promotion Letter from Employer Sample


Subject: Promotion Letter For Employee

Dear Ali,

We are hereby pleased to inform Mr. Ali working as Marketing Officer, that by dint of hard work, you have proved yourself to be a responsible and appropriate candidate as our decision of choosing you for the specific seat was right enough. Management has observed your working style and your consideration towards your work. Your interpersonal skills are provoking.

Being an intended person and showing sincerity has impressed higher authorities. According to the policy of our organization, we really appreciate our employees. We reckon to promote you at the post of Assistant Marketing Manager.

We are sure that you will prove our decision to be right and will work with more spirit to keep your post secure, we consider you as a tremendous asset of our organization.

Management congratulate you on this success of yours.

Warm Regards,

Promotion Letter from Employer Sample
Promotion Letter from Employer Sample


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