Rejection Letter for Promotion

Sample Rejection Letter for Promotion. If any organization has received application from its working employee related to his/her promotion and the management cannot accept the request for the time being, or has to hire any other working body against the specific position, this particular format of rejection letter can be used. Clearly elaborate that why are you not able to accept the promotion application. Templates are given below.

Rejection Letter for Promotion

Mr. James Keat.
Assistant Account
Falcon’s Agency, California.

Subject: Rejection Letter for Promotion

Dear Mr. James,

This letter is to inform you that Management received your application for promotion at the designation of Manager Accounts. We regret to inform you that your promotion letter has been rejected by the Management. The reason which has lead to this is, the requirements against the post of Accounts Manager by the Company are higher than your experience.

Though you bear good educational degrees as well as you are with us with last three years but your current experience for this position is not enough yet. Currently, we are hiring new Accounts Manager. As soon as the Management will think about any other promotion, your application will be considered for sure.

We hope that you understand the hereby given explanation and you will work will more enthusiasm to show your sincerity.

Warm Regards,

Falcon’s Agency.

Rejection Letter for Promotion
Rejection Letter for Promotion

Sample Rejection Letter for Promotion

Miss. Eva Watson
Customer Relation Officer
DEA Telecom Association, London.

Subject: Rejection Letter for Promotion

Dear Miss. Eva,

We regret to inform you that unfortunately your application for the promotion is not accepted by administration of DEA Telecom Association. We understand that you considered it an opportunity for yourself but we got other applications too. We have preferred some more experienced employee for the position of floor manager.

Administration is aware of your punctuality and sincerity with work but for now, it is not possible for the management to grant your application yet. We hope that you will understand the policies and regulations of our organization. Your application will be entertained if any promotions have to be done.

With Best Regards,

Managing Director,
DEA Telecom Association.


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