Employee Encouragement Letter Sample

Sample Employee Encouragement Letter.This letter is for all the employers to encourage/apprectiate their employees for their hard work and dedication in their respective fields.This format can be used for all officers,managers,etc. Necessary changes can be done.

Employee Encouragement Letter Sample

Mr John Mehta
Senior Marketing Manager,

                                      To whom it May Concern.

It is to state that you have been a great employee at our department. Your hard work and dedication has paid off in the success of our company. You have proven to be the best employee of our company and we are writing this letter to encourage you for all the hard work you have done till now.

This is to let you know that it is really worth the hard work and effort that you have done for our company. You have also given a bonus for your extraordinary work to encourage you and all the rest of the employees so that they keep on doing good work.

This has been a very stressful and hectic year for all of us in the company but we still managed to achieve all the targeted goals. We are also giving a vocational trip to Goa for four days for your relaxation and fun. This trip will make you relax and will make you fresh and you will be able to continue the work with more dedication and hard work.

Those hard times have gone and all your efforts have been paid off as we achieved all the goals before deadline. This has boosted our sales and our profits have also increased. The goodwill of our company also increased which are attracting more shareholders and investors.

We wish you luck for the future and hope that you will keep on doing this hard work.

Raj Malhotra
Mi Casa International

Employee Motivation Letter Sample
Employee Motivation Letter Sample

Encouragement Letter for Employee

Subject:  Employee Encouragement Letter
Dear Ahsan Raza,
We are hereby glad to inform you that management is highly impressed by your working skills. Your sincerity towards you work and your competence is visible to all. The credit goes to your efforts that within the working period of two years you have gained double promotion.
 You have always been a good employee and your working capabilities makes you prominent. You are an asset for our organization and you fall on our expectations in all projects assigned to you. We would like to encourage you for the latest project which you have decided to done up.
 It is not an easy task, but as your skills are remarkable and you are capable to handle tough tasks. We wish you all the very best for your future and hope that you will work with patience and intellectual strategies, and your every step will purely for organization’s benefit.
Warm regards and good luck.

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