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Sample Verification Letter to Employee

Sample Verification Letter Format to employee from management.Verification is in demand everywhere whether it be for loan application, for education, for renting the house, for getting own car or construction of own home. Verification is the official proof of persons’ job’s security and personal character and conduct. This easy format can be applicable on all those who wanted to give the verification letter to their employees.

Sample Verification Letter to Employee

Mr. Sandeep Shaye,
Toyota Cars Company Private Limited,
San Francisco, California.

Subject: Verification Letter to Employee

Respected Mr. Sandeep Shaye,

We are humbly obliged to inform you that our honorable employee is working for us since three years.He is not involved in any kind of defaults and is a very honest person. He is having a reasonable salary package that he can manage his works.

A verification letter is needed from you to pass loan to our employee. His son is going to be married and the space for his family members have to be extended. A sum of approximately 2 million is required to meet his expenses. He has applied to us for a loan but Company’s financial position is not that much stable that it can approve a loan on its own.

We assure you on his behalf that he will be punctual to make loan installments. Otherwise we will pay you the required amount on his behalf, as a part of his salary will be deducted in order to meet your requirements. Their remains no chance of default as seen by the words quoted above. His other particulars are attached overleaf for your kind approval. Thanking in anticipation.

25 July 2016

Sample Verification Letter to Employee
Sample Verification Letter to Employee

Confirmation Letter For Job Transfer Sample

Sample confirmation letter of job transfer and confirmation letter of promotion. Easy written formats to be used in order to confirm any appointment, interview, job transfer, promotion and other officials. Confirmation letter from employer or management towards the employee.

Confirmation Letter of Job Transfer

Mr. Ali Khan,
Falcon’s Agency.

Subject: Confirmation Letter of Job Transfer

Dear Ali Khan,
This letter is to confirm you that according to your request for a transfer from the Marketing department to the Accounts department, has been approved. Your working skills are considered and you will work in that department on probationary period. Your timing schedule be the same from 9 am to 5pm. You will not be capable of get any allowance until the probationary period will come to an end.

You are directed to follow the regulations of the department; furthermore you are directed to be within your limited area. You will not be allowed to interfere in any matter of Marketing Department. Your new job transfer contract is attached. Do consider all the terms and conditions and signature on that. Hope that you will be sincere to the departmental work.

As discussed in our meeting, you are scheduled for training session at 9 a.m. on June 14. The department head has been informed that you will report to him immediately after the two-hour training session. Mr. Ahsan will be available for your guidance at your new work station. You will continue your job after the session as a regular employee. We hope that you will work with pure devotion.

Wish you best of luck.

Falcon’s Agency

Confirmation Letter of Job Promotion

Mr. Ahmad Sheikh,
Falcon’s Agency.

Subject: Confirmation Letter of Job Promotion

Dear Ali Khan,

This letter is to inform that we are pleased to hear the final approval for your promotion from Assistant Manager to Deputy Manager. Your loyalty and sincerity made this. Management took this step by considering your promotion request against the post. Your responsibilities will be upgraded and you further have to work with more passion.

We hope that you will work as per our expectations and up to date. Your promotion letter is attached; further discussions will be done tomorrow in meeting at 9am with all other managerial staff. You will pick up a unit orientation packet from the unit secretary. Congratulations on your new position.

Falcon’s Agency.

Confirmation Letter of Appointment for Meeting

Sample confirmation letter to confirm any Appointment, Meeting, or Interview. Easy and simple written formats to be used in order to confirm any appointment, business meeting or any interview to be conducted. Letter should be simple and to the point.

Confirmation Letter of Meeting

Manager Finance,
Ascot Company.

Subject: Confirmation Letter of Meeting

Dear Akram Umair,

It was really good to make your acquaintance last Monday. It was immense pleasure for us, to make out some time from schedule and discuss essential of our business deals. We are looking forward to meet you again on Friday, 5th July at 9:00 a.m. as per conversation of our last meeting to discuss the terms of our agreement. We will meet in your office. We will definitely be on time. If any information is required you can call our assistant. We are optimistic about what we can accomplish together.

With Warm Regards,


Confirmation Letter of Appointment

Manager Human Resource,
Ascot Company.

Subject: Confirmation Letter of Meeting Appointment

Dear Raj,

I am writing to you in order to confirm my appointment with you made over the telephonic conversation yesterday.  We are agreed to meet you and discuss the presentation on our latest project, we will meet in our office on Saturday, 7th May at 5 pm. Please find the enclosed terms and policy containing pamphlet regarding the project. Being on time shows courtesy and if you have any queries you can call me.

I am looking forward to meet you.

Best Regards,

Confirmation Letter of Appointment
Confirmation Letter of Appointment

Confirmation Letter of Meeting

Engr.Malik Ahmed Khan
Team Leader PCSIAP Consultant
165-M, Gulberg-111, Lahore

Subject: Meeting Confirmation Notice

Pothohar Climate Smart Irrigated Agriculture Project

I am directed to inform you that a meeting to discuss  the implementation strategy of above subjected work/ contract will be held on Thursday March 31, 2015 in the committee room of Irrigation Department Mustafabad Lahore.

You are requested to attend the meeting along with key staff members at above said date, time and venue.

Director Irrigation,
Imtiaz Ali

Sample Confirm Meeting Appointment Letter 

Dear Mr. Joe,

I have received your letter of formal meeting with our company. I have gone through all the statistics and our company is interested in discussing some details of import and export with your party. We have also checked the revenues and max it is. This is confirmation letter of your letter of requesting of meeting. We will be having meeting on Monday at 5:30 pm at Hall Plaza. We will be seeing your manager and will make decision based on mutual party thoughts. Please come prepare on the products details and import, export status on it.

Warm Regards,


Confirmation Letter for Job Interview Appointment

Sample letter format for job interview appointment through email ,courier or some other source. It can be used for any type of job vacancy like, assistant manager, executive  marketing, or  in admin. Management can call or send a email or letter for interview schedule date time day and required documents are mentioned in it, after interview authority decides either the person’s job is confirmed or not. 

How to Write Confirmation Letter for Job Interview

Dear Candidate,

We had received your application for  Marketing vacancy at Blaze Enterprises, few days ago, through some reliable resources.

We are glad to let you know that your application has been successfully passed through our first stage of screening. The next stage is the interview phase where we will fulfil the rest of the formalities, before we can make a final decision. In order to proceed to the next stage, before we can schedule an interview, please send us a copy of your latest CV  and copies of your original documents and experiences and our management team will inform you  for the interview.

Please feel free to contact us and send us an email for any query or concern.

Best Wishes,

Manager Human Resource

Salman Akhter

Confirmation Letter for Job Interview

From: Ucpa Association
Subject: Confirmation Letter of Interview.

Dear Candidate,

This is to inform you that after qualifying in the written test conducted by our patron committee against the post of Project Supervisor, you are directed towards your last and final interview. This letter is to confirm the interview for you. Kindly meet us at the office on Monday, 8th March at 9 am. Bring your resume and testimonials also bring list of references, if any. Be on time, as after your time has passed chance will be given to other candidate. We are looking forward to meet you.

Best Wishes.

Confirmation Letter of Student Status Sample

Sample confirmation letter for  students regarding their exam schedule and complete information regarding their studies. It can be used for student who want to join abrade universities and foreign students who are interested to move some other countries university like Pakistan or some where else.

 Exam Confirmation Letter for (Foreign Students)


College or University Name____________.

Our Dear Student,

We  have received the attached letter from Deeyas London , College for administrative sciences, London, London, England to be forwarded to you as reconfirmation. The letter sets forth your examination date as Friday the 4th December 2014.

We wish you every success in the examination! We also wish to inform you that we at your service to provide any additional piece of information regarding your examination that you might require. However, it is a must that you must visit our college at 7- Empress road, The Mall, Lahore, not before but only and only on Monday  dated…… to obtain comprehensive information regarding your examination schedule and as well as examination center.

Wishing you a great success.

Yours Sincerely,

Mehboob Jillani
Chairman cum Principal

Letter of Confirmation of Student Status Sample
Letter of Confirmation of Student Status Sample