Confirmation Letter For Job Transfer Sample

Sample confirmation letter of job transfer and confirmation letter of promotion. Easy written formats to be used in order to confirm any appointment, interview, job transfer, promotion and other officials. Confirmation letter from employer or management towards the employee.

Confirmation Letter of Job Transfer

Mr. Ali Khan,
Falcon’s Agency.

Subject: Confirmation Letter of Job Transfer

Dear Ali Khan,
This letter is to confirm you that according to your request for a transfer from the Marketing department to the Accounts department, has been approved. Your working skills are considered and you will work in that department on probationary period. Your timing schedule be the same from 9 am to 5pm. You will not be capable of get any allowance until the probationary period will come to an end.

You are directed to follow the regulations of the department; furthermore you are directed to be within your limited area. You will not be allowed to interfere in any matter of Marketing Department. Your new job transfer contract is attached. Do consider all the terms and conditions and signature on that. Hope that you will be sincere to the departmental work.

As discussed in our meeting, you are scheduled for training session at 9 a.m. on June 14. The department head has been informed that you will report to him immediately after the two-hour training session. Mr. Ahsan will be available for your guidance at your new work station. You will continue your job after the session as a regular employee. We hope that you will work with pure devotion.

Wish you best of luck.

Falcon’s Agency

Confirmation Letter of Job Promotion

Mr. Ahmad Sheikh,
Falcon’s Agency.

Subject: Confirmation Letter of Job Promotion

Dear Ali Khan,

This letter is to inform that we are pleased to hear the final approval for your promotion from Assistant Manager to Deputy Manager. Your loyalty and sincerity made this. Management took this step by considering your promotion request against the post. Your responsibilities will be upgraded and you further have to work with more passion.

We hope that you will work as per our expectations and up to date. Your promotion letter is attached; further discussions will be done tomorrow in meeting at 9am with all other managerial staff. You will pick up a unit orientation packet from the unit secretary. Congratulations on your new position.

Falcon’s Agency.

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