Customer Contract Renewal Letter

Renew a contract with a client or vendor. These templates provide excellent instances of just how to structure such contract renewal letters. Necessary changes can be done according to need.

Customer Contract Renewal Letter

Dear Customer,

This letter is a contract renewal letter. It is to bring in your kind attention that your contract is being renewed from 5.3.2019 to 3.09.2020. This letter serves the purpose of making you aware of the fact that this contract is continuous at the moment and has not been terminated from both sides. If you want to terminate the contract or require any changes. You may contact us before the expiration date of your contract, if it will be renewed then we won’t be able to terminate.
We are extremely grateful for your patronage. All the terms and conditions are attached with this letter. Kindly read all the data carefully. If you require any alterations in the contract, please let me know about it in the separate letter. I will be happy to help. Hence, please know about all the ongoing deal on our website and our customer representative will be in touch with you.

Service Contract Renewal Letter Template


The Valued Customer,

It is to bring in your kind attention that your contract of acquiring television cable and facilities is about to end. The last date of contract is 21st January, 2020. Therefore, if you want to keep using our network then you have to renew your contract with us. We don’t renew contracts automatically unless there is complete customer satisfaction and contentment is present.
If you require any modifications in the contract then let us know. As we have introduced new channels and new features in our network, to make our TV channel more feasible for all of our customers so they can enjoy it at every extent. As the contract was of 4 years, we have also increased our rates of premium contract. I am attaching the updated copy of terms and conditions. We are sure that you have not been disappointed in the past years and we won’t let you also in future.


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