Sample Verification Letter to Employee

Sample Verification Letter Format to employee from management.Verification is in demand everywhere whether it be for loan application, for education, for renting the house, for getting own car or construction of own home. Verification is the official proof of persons’ job’s security and personal character and conduct. This easy format can be applicable on all those who wanted to give the verification letter to their employees.

Sample Verification Letter to Employee

Mr. Sandeep Shaye,
Toyota Cars Company Private Limited,
San Francisco, California.

Subject: Verification Letter to Employee

Respected Mr. Sandeep Shaye,

We are humbly obliged to inform you that our honorable employee is working for us since three years.He is not involved in any kind of defaults and is a very honest person. He is having a reasonable salary package that he can manage his works.

A verification letter is needed from you to pass loan to our employee. His son is going to be married and the space for his family members have to be extended. A sum of approximately 2 million is required to meet his expenses. He has applied to us for a loan but Company’s financial position is not that much stable that it can approve a loan on its own.

We assure you on his behalf that he will be punctual to make loan installments. Otherwise we will pay you the required amount on his behalf, as a part of his salary will be deducted in order to meet your requirements. Their remains no chance of default as seen by the words quoted above. His other particulars are attached overleaf for your kind approval. Thanking in anticipation.

25 July 2016

Sample Verification Letter to Employee
Sample Verification Letter to Employee

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