Email for Meeting Scheduling

The purpose of this article is to help the audience understand what a writer for an email should look like if they need to send an email that talks about rescheduling a meeting. This article contains three different formats for rescheduling emails. We hope this article is able to help and guide anyone who needs guidance. If any additional help is needed, the team is always available to eat you through your quest. Please find that we can BGH to add the given email address or you may also use the comment box to type in your query.

Sample Email to Schedule a Meeting



To: The DM Manager

Subject: Re-Meeting


Hope you are well and all went well with your trip to the office. I have an urgent situation at my end and would need to reschedule today’s meeting.
I understand that we had a lot of important points that we needed to go over before tomorrow’s presentation but the matter of time cannot be excused, and I really need to attend to the emergency that I am facing at the moment. However, I do feel guilty about rescheduling the meeting and disrupting everyone’s calendars, which is why I feel that I would make myself available whenever it is convenient for all of you.
I would like to deeply apologize for the fact that this emergency came up like I said, it is very personal so we cannot disclose the reason but it is completely unavoidable and I really hope that we can look past this third misconduct, and work together as colleagues and partners.

Please let me know when would be convenient for you to meet.

Thanks a lot,


{sender name}

Scheduling a Meeting via Email



To: The Team Lead

Hi {recipient name},

Hope you are well. We had a meeting scheduled today for 12 in the afternoon, and I was told about the meeting very late last night. It was after office hours and Jenny told me very casually, so I was not able to object in a formal manner, but I will not be able to make it to the meeting.
I need to reschedule the meeting for today. Something came up and I will have to be out of town indefinitely starting today, please let’s reschedule.
I had informed my lineman before that there was a very urgent family matter coming up and that I would have to leave town anytime next week but it was not decided when. I do appreciate the offer to attend the meeting online but I will not be able to do that because I will be surrounded by a lot of families and will be in transit.
Because the meeting is essentially in so many people are involved and everyone has a very busy schedule. I would encourage you all to go ahead with the meeting. I would just ask that you guys send me the meeting points in brief about any upcoming project. I regret not being a part of such an important discussion with what is going on with me is completely unavoidable.


{sender name}

Easy Email for Meeting Scheduling



To: The Marketing Team

Subject: Meeting reschedule request

Hi {recipient name},

Hope you’re well. I see that our meeting is scheduled for today. Something urgent came up and I won’t be able to make it.
Please don’t worry I will send you all the instructions that I had to give you during the meeting and I will send a comprehensive PDF document that contains all the instructions regarding the new projects.
However, I would like to meet you and discuss your opinions on the leaders collection, which is why I would like to see you in the coming week. If you are available.
Could we please reschedule this? Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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