Confirmation Letter of Appointment for Meeting

Sample confirmation letter to confirm any Appointment, Meeting, or Interview. Easy and simple written formats to be used in order to confirm any appointment, business meeting or any interview to be conducted. Letter should be simple and to the point.

Confirmation Letter of Meeting

Manager Finance,
Ascot Company.

Subject: Confirmation Letter of Meeting

Dear Akram Umair,

It was really good to make your acquaintance last Monday. It was immense pleasure for us, to make out some time from schedule and discuss essential of our business deals. We are looking forward to meet you again on Friday, 5th July at 9:00 a.m. as per conversation of our last meeting to discuss the terms of our agreement. We will meet in your office. We will definitely be on time. If any information is required you can call our assistant. We are optimistic about what we can accomplish together.

With Warm Regards,


Confirmation Letter of Appointment

Manager Human Resource,
Ascot Company.

Subject: Confirmation Letter of Meeting Appointment

Dear Raj,

I am writing to you in order to confirm my appointment with you made over the telephonic conversation yesterday.  We are agreed to meet you and discuss the presentation on our latest project, we will meet in our office on Saturday, 7th May at 5 pm. Please find the enclosed terms and policy containing pamphlet regarding the project. Being on time shows courtesy and if you have any queries you can call me.

I am looking forward to meet you.

Best Regards,

Confirmation Letter of Appointment
Confirmation Letter of Appointment

Confirmation Letter of Meeting

Engr.Malik Ahmed Khan
Team Leader PCSIAP Consultant
165-M, Gulberg-111, Lahore

Subject: Meeting Confirmation Notice

Pothohar Climate Smart Irrigated Agriculture Project

I am directed to inform you that a meeting to discuss  the implementation strategy of above subjected work/ contract will be held on Thursday March 31, 2015 in the committee room of Irrigation Department Mustafabad Lahore.

You are requested to attend the meeting along with key staff members at above said date, time and venue.

Director Irrigation,
Imtiaz Ali

Sample Confirm Meeting Appointment Letter 

Dear Mr. Joe,

I have received your letter of formal meeting with our company. I have gone through all the statistics and our company is interested in discussing some details of import and export with your party. We have also checked the revenues and max it is. This is confirmation letter of your letter of requesting of meeting. We will be having meeting on Monday at 5:30 pm at Hall Plaza. We will be seeing your manager and will make decision based on mutual party thoughts. Please come prepare on the products details and import, export status on it.

Warm Regards,


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