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Sample Letter for Divorce

Sample Letter for Divorce. Divorce Separation Letter Example. Sample letter format of divorce. How to write a divorce letter. Sample letters are here, you can change necessary changes according to need.

Sample Letter for Divorce

To: Ms. Jane Loren
From: Mr. Tom Andrew

Date: 23 rd October, 2017

Subject: Divorce from wife through court of law 

Dear Client,

It is to notify that your former husband had filed a case of divorce from you and from now onwards further future communications (internet, postal, cellular) will be sent to you only and the mutual account of bank will be solely held by you as he had withdrawn his portion of money from the bank. He made it clear that you will be no longer held liable of his pay or other personal concerns and if you do approach him for any financial affair, this court of law will take strict and firm action against you. For your safety, this court orders you to show compliance with its verdict and it will be appreciated.
Best Regards,

Mr. Lowbrow,
23 rd October, 2017.

Sample letter of Separation from a Spouse

To: Ms. Liza Saw
From: Mr. Jacob Joseph
Date: 23 rd October, 2017.

Subject: Divorce notice from husband

Dear Client,

It is to inform you that I have taken separation from my former spouse named Ms. Lisa Saw on the account of her shameless character and disobedience. As an agreement between us, we should not be called as husband and wife in future from today’s date. We are responsible for our own selves regarding finances and other affairs related to insurance and medical. Our bank accounts and property is equally divided between both of us and none of us will show any misunderstanding on this ground. This divorce is in conformity with the rules of this court of law and cannot be challenged in future at any cost.
Best Regards,

Mr. Marshall Scot,
Lawyers of Divorce Chamber,
23 rd October, 2017.


Divorce Letter Format Sample

Sample Divorce Notice Letter from Lawyer. Legal Divorce Letter/ legal separation.  Sample Letter for Notice of Divorce. Necessary changes can be done according to need.

Divorce Letter Format Sample

For: Ms. Arthur Miller,
Street no. 3, house no. 50, Oak Park Lane,
Beech tree Avenue West, Brent wood.

Subject:   Legal Divorce Notice

Dear Client,

In connection to your divorce from your former husband and
in lieu your former husband, he made it clear in his legal statements that he will no longer liable to pay your expenses from the next month which is the date of culmination of your marriage. He will only bear the expenses of his only child Mr. Tom Floret till he becomes of ages and after that he will not be held responsible for his expenses so to say. This divorce is in conformity to the rules and regulation of the law court and no further amendments will be cater in future for any concern after the third such notice of summon from the valued court.

Mr. Cruise Tom,
23 rd October, 2017.

Sample Letter format of khula Notice from Wife

For: Mr. Shakeel Ahmed,
House no. 59, Street no. 6 DHA,
Lahore, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Subject:   Khula Notice

Respected Sir,

It is to certify that your former wife Ms. Mehak is no longer interested in staying with you and she wants dissolving of marriage from this date. She said in her appeal that you are a fraud and a complete cheat and will make your offspring likewise. This is what she dreaded and demanding the stay of kids with her till her death. The court has declared its verdict in her favour and decrees you to show compliance to this notice and free her from this bond immediately otherwise strict action will be taken against you. By the next two such notices, no changes or chance of reconciliation will be done so be careful in taking the step.
Best Regards,

Mr. Ehsaan Ali,
Lawyer South Chamber,
23 rd October, 2017.

Sample Format letter for Legal Separation of Business

Sample Format letter for Legal Separation of Business. Business are mostly reality summoned the separation between the two for certain good as well as bad event. This easy format can be used by businessmen who wanted to separate their works.

Sample Legal Separation letter of Business

The Court of Law,
Ontario, Canada.

Subject: Letter for Legal Separation of Business

Respected Sir,
It is to state very humbly that I had started the business of Cherry Jam with my friend Mr. Ferry Pan in the late 2011 December. Business earned us good profit and we decided to launch another factory of Jam in the hilly station of Canada. Now the current scenario is that I am running one factory and my friend is operating another factory. We are now unable to see two factories simultaneously as it cost us a lot of time and distance. Certain business issues like bank draft or cashing of the cheque needed the signature of both of us which is now not possible for both of us due to the other factory which is now in its baby years.

Keeping in view all the hurdles and problems of both the factories we now wanted to legally separate the factories one under my name and another under the name of my friend so that we can run the factories individually. All the necessary documentation is attached for further procedure.Kindly do the necessary formalities of paperwork as soon as possible.

We will be brimmed with gratification if you will consider the nature of our problems with serenity and kind heart. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Jacob Stones and Ferry Pan
Chairperson of Jam Factories.
March 28, 2016