Loan Application for Daughter Marriage

Application for Marriage Loan.This application can used by the people who are going to get their daughter/sister married soon and they are facing some financial difficulties so they are going to request the manager to make all the necessary arrangements.This is request application to employer or boss for loan regarding daughter/sister’s marriage ceremony.Format is given below.

Application for Marriage Loan to Boss

The Manager,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Application for Marriage Loan

Respected Sir,

I have been a part of your organization from the past six years. Everyone in the office is well aware of my good conduct and positive behavior. In my career with this company I have never given anybody a chance for complain. I am a very hardworking and friendly worker and my past record shows that I have been an asset to this company.

I want to inform you humbly that my sister is getting married next month on 10th June, 2015. I am the eldest one in the house. We are not financially well that we can handle all the marriage responsibilities fully. So I request you to make arrangements for my sister’s wedding. These arrangements will include food and banquet hall expenses. You are a generous person and I know that you will be helping me in this crucial time. I have made many arrangements but I am still out of budget and I request you to help me out. I will be really grateful to you for this kindness and I assure you that I will return the money as soon as possible in installments form. You can keep a record of it and make it more authorize if you have any problems.

I will be waiting for your prompt reply as I need assistance immediately.

Thank you,

Yours Faithfully,
Raza Ali
Assistant Officer Admin

Application for Marriage Loan to Boss
Application for Marriage Loan to Boss

Loan Application format for Marriage of Daughter from Company

Dear Sir,

I have been doing this job for past ten years and this company has always taken care of all of its employees. I am writing this application as I am in severe need of loan for my daughter marriage. I have to feed the stomach of five and I am the only bread earner of the house. With supporting education of each child, it is nearly impossible for me to afford all the expenses of my daughter marriage. This is my sincere request to you to please lend me some loan by the company for my daughter marriage. I shall be beholden if you consider my request and grant me loan as early as possible.

Yours Sincerely,
Robert Margo

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