Letter of Consent for new project

Sample Letter Format of Consent from Government for new project.Government always favour the productive work of private sector and give permissions to promote learning, health and recreational activities. Sectors whether private or government, can seek permissions for their new projects from the high authorities. Such letter format can be used by high authorities to show their consent in favour of the concerned sectors or individuals.

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Letter of Consent for new project

The Chairperson,
Nettle Trust Corporation,
Tokyo, Japan.

Subject: Letter of Consent from Government for new project

Respected Madam,

I hope you are fine at your place. May you be pleased with yourself forever in your future to come. I feel very delightful and you can say proud to see the quality of work you offered at your institution regarding education and health of the students. I had seen your work published in the papers as well that float good hearsay about your priorities regarding students’ lives.

You are quite self-sufficient lady and I am pleased to see your strength and self-esteem. For the first time, you came to me for getting permission of any sort. I am allotting you the land you desired for the setup of new project for education. The details that you shared with me about the education rather inclusive education is a great step towards the betterment of the society and the development of this country as a nation and united nation we are.

Keep yourself high and in future if you need any other help, I assure you I will be at your disposal. Much concern and loads of prayers for you.


Mr. Cooper
Finance Minister.
26 July, 2016

Letter of Consent for new project
Letter of Consent for new project

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