Job Rejection Letter Sample

Sample format of Job Rejection Letter from Company or Job Rejection Email from Employee, Job Rejection Letter Sample, given templates may be used if company has not selected any applicant due to any specific reason i.e not qualified in written test or in interview. The formats can be used for employees, officers, teachers, sales officer and others. Mention the reason clearly and send this rejection letter to him/her. Remember that selection of words should not be rude or harsh.

Job Rejection Letter Sample from Employee

Mr. Jhonny James,
19 B, Kell Street, Canada.

Subject: Job Rejection Letter

Dear Applicant,

This letter is to inform you that you have not been selected for the position of HR Officer in Falcon’s Agency. Your written test was good enough but you had some problem with your verbal interview. As you know, to maintain the repute of organization we need confident and active employees. We are sorry but you lack necessary aptitude as well as attitude.

We got applications from thousands of candidates and some had a wide experience in this field, and you know they are definitely preferred. We appreciate your search choice and thank you so much for your precious time with our team.We hope that your application will be considered again if necessary in future.

We wish you good luck for current search of yours as well as for your future.


Mrs. James Green
HR Director.
Falcon’s Agency.

Job Rejection Letter Sample

Miss Sana Khan,
22 B Johar Town, Lahore.

Subject: Rejection Letter

Dear Candidate,

The entire hiring team of Star’s School has not selected you for the position of ‘Science Teacher’ for senior section. We got a lot of applications and we conducted many interviews. Our team’s motto was to select the best candidate among all.

Though you have good teaching skills and you might be selected in other schools too but the criteria which we required, we didn’t got it in you. Your teaching methodology was successful but unfortunately your interview was not up to the mark.

We present gratitude that you came for interview in our institution. we wish you luck for your future.

Yours Sincerely,

Star’s School System.

Job Rejection Letter Sample
Job Rejection Letter Sample

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