Sample Application for Expressing your Willingness to Continue for the Upcoming Year

These sample applications are for employees who are trying to write an application to send their willingness to continue work in the upcoming year. If you are one of these sample applications given below might help you out. You can use these by adding your reason and information. If you have requests for different topics you can leave a request below.

Easy Application for Expressing Willingness for Work by a Teacher

To Principal,

The University of Mumbai,

54 East Mumbai,

Date: 5/12/2019.

Subject: Application for willingness to continue work in the upcoming year

Respected Ma`am,

I am Arpita Sharma. I have been working as a lecturer for microbiology at your university for the past 6 months. I joined as an internee and was given the option of permanently joining the job. I am writing you this to let you know that I will be continuing this job in 2020. As you know that I am an aspirant who wants to become an inspirational lecturer who can make students invested in microbiology and want to explore research and practical opportunities during this period. It is my long-term goal to explore and expand this subject and work in this field and for now, I want to teach more people and make more microbiologists.

I hope you will respond to it and accept it so that I can continue working. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely.

Arpita Sharma.

Sample Application for Expressing Willingness to Continue Working in the Upcoming Year

To Rudhra Verma,

Reliance Industries,

Date: 5/12/2019.

Subject: Application for willingness to continue work in the upcoming year


I am Nikhil Kapoor. I am currently working as a financial advisor for the business. As we had a 2-year contract for working together. The period for the contract is going to end the next month. I am writing you this letter to inform you that I am grateful for this opportunity and working with this business was an exceptionally great experience. I would like to mention here that I appreciate the good relationship between the workforce behind this business. Due to this reason I have decided that I would like to continue my job and would appreciate the company to extend my contract for a further 3 year period so that I can work a long time with this business because I think it will be beneficial both for me and for the company.

 I will be waiting for your response. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely.

Nikhil Kapoor.

Application for Expressing Willingness to Continue Working Next Year

To Akhil Khanna,

Human Resource Department.

Sugar Cosmetics.

Subject: Application for willingness to continue work in the upcoming year.

Respected Sir,

I am Rishav Baghat, head of the Marketing department. I started working here as an intern and then signed a contract for four years to work here leading the marketing team of the company in 2017. As 2021 approaches the contract is coming to an end. After considering my position and my relation with this company I would to request a contract renewal and extend the period for further 3 years. This company is very dear to me and I have put my knowledge and skills to help it grow. I see my hard work and dedication in this company. How dedicated I am to this company, I know that no one will be doing this work better than me as I have been here from the start. My skills and experience in this work are a lot for me to stay and help this company grow.

I Want to keep working here and would appreciate it if we renew the contract and I keep on working here in 2021 as well. Kindly respond to me as soon as you can about this matter.


Rishav Bhagat.

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