How do Child Experiences Influence our Lives?

The following article includes Five Childhood Experiences that may Lead to a More Purposeful Life.

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How do Child Experiences Influence our Lives?

In general, we conceive of purpose as something that young adults discover in their lives as they explore their own interests and beliefs, as well as the various ways they may contribute to the world. However, research shows that some of the roots of purpose are laid in childhood. The good or bad experiences that youngsters encounter may have a significant impact on whether or not they grow up with a sense of purpose.

Being Able to Express Emotions to Family

It’s critical to teach your children that it’s normal to express their emotions and that you’re there to talk to any time they’re experiencing emotional distress. Emotional sharing can also aid in the development of emotional intelligence. It may be difficult for children to open up at first because they may not know what they are feeling or why, therefore it is vital for children to first recognize their feelings in order to assist them to open up about them.


Nature, which individual encounters or experiences in the early phases of development, also plays a part in leading a purposeful life. According to studies, those who have grown up with a deep connection to nature tend to live more purposeful lives. Nature experiences in the early phases of development are therefore one of the expertise that profoundly influences a more purposeful existence.

Having Family Support During Difficult Times

When life becomes tough, it’s critical that your children know you’re there for them. This may be as easy as holding a family meeting or ensuring your children have all they require—giving your children the opportunity to reach out for further assistance as required. Allowing your children to know that you are on their side and want the best for them when things become difficult, especially during this period of quarantine, may go a long way.

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