Cover Letter for Public Relation Manager

Sample format of Cover Letter for Public Relation Officer. An easy and useful template to be used by people who want to apply as public relation officer in any organization or call center. For public relation manager, administrator or officer. You can alter it according to your specific requirements.

Sample Cover Letter for Public Relations Manager Position

The Managing Director
DE Plastic Goods Company

Subject: Job Letter for Public Relation Manager 

Dear Sir,

Having come to know from reliable sources that your reputed company needs the services of a Public Relations Officer.I offer my services for this post. The following are the relevant particulars I am 30 years of age, married living with my parents and husband and am in excellent health.

I graduated from the Lahore College with Economics and Political Science in 2001.I got first class grades in English and political science in the Lahore University Examination.Through the good offices of my father, who is general manager of QM electric industries, I got the job of publicity officer with the fine Leather Goods Company in 2005,when this organization merged with the leather Exports group of industries,I had to quit the job.

I have enough experience of public dealing and publicity affairs in sale and purchase business.I contacts with leather dealers all over the country and the excise and taxation departments of the Government.This can be confirmed from my former employers personally by you.Your company is my capacity as its public relations officer.I except that, I shall be called for an interview.

Yours Sincerely,

Rehana Maqsood

Sample Cover Letter for Public Relations Manager Position
Sample Cover Letter for Public Relations Manager Position



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