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Sample Notice For Employees of Salary Deduction

There are several reasons why the salary of employees are deducted in the corporate world and businesses. However, if you want to write a letter to notify the employee about his/her salary deduction you check our sample letters provided below for the same purpose. You can leave requests for other topics in the comment box.

Sample Notice About Salary Deduction Ro Employee due to Absence from Work

Mr. Rajeev Khanna,                       

This is to notify you that e have to deduct an amount from your salary this month for the unannounced non-paid leaves you took. You have already taken all the paid leave that you had and now unfortunately we have to deduct ? 500/day for every unpaid leave that you were on.


Sample Notice to Employee About Salary Deduction

Mr. Arjun Singh,

I am writing you this to notify you that the management has decided to deduct your salary for this month. This decision has been taken because of your non-serious attitude with our clients as we have got complaints from our clients that you neglected the event that has caused them damage. Whatever made you neglect the client and not cater to their needs has cost the company its reputation and the damages will be paid from your deducted salary.


Sample Notice About Salary Deduction Ro Employee Due to Absence from Work

Mr. Akshay Kumar,                       

It has been brought to the attention of the management that you missed meetings with the clients last week and did not respond to them professionally and were absent from work without taking an official leave. You took 3 extra leaves that are unpaid and the company will be deducting ?500/day from your salary for that. In case of any issue with this decision, you can discuss it with the manager.


Sample Notice About Salary Deduction to Employee due to Negligence

Mr. Akash Verma,                         

I hope that you already know the reason why I am writing you this letter. We are utterly disappointed with what happened in the office because of your negligence last week. You have gone against the company`s policies that made two of our employees fight during working hours that cost the company a probable client as well. to make sure this does not happen again and you take it as a warning to not repeat these mistakes company is deducting 30% of your salary for this month.