Application for a Work Visa in UK

Sample format of application for a work visa, In order to apply for visa abroad, foreign country. If someone has been offered by any job and they want t get information about the processing of visa and all requirements. Template of application for visa to work in foreign country.

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Apply For a Visa to Work In Foreign Country

Date: 4th August,2014.
The Vice Chancellor,
Oxford University, United Kingdom.

Subject: Application for a work visa

Dear Sir,
This  is to inform that I have been offered a temporary post of Associate Professor ( Biochemistry Department) within your prestigious institution Oxford University. I will be requiring visa that will allow me to work in your country for 2 years. My wife will also accompany me along with my child.

I want you to kindly provide me information about the procedure and applications for the appropriate visa or work permit. I am going to arrive before 6th October of this year and I would appreciate receiving the information as soon as possible. It would be a great favor for me as I have to do all the necessary document preparations.I shall be waiting for spontaneous response.


Gohar Malik
Lecturer, Biochemistry Department.
Punjab University.

Apply For a Visa to Study in Foreign Country

The Vice Chancellor,
International University, USA.

Subject: Application for Student Visa

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you as I have got the opportunity to accomplish my M-Phil research at International University. For this purpose I must get a Student Visa for the time period f 6th March 2014 to 30th December 2015. All the details and procedure should be provided to me before the time.

 Kindly send all necessary information and application forms to my residential address provided. In addition, please inform me if there are any steps I can take to expedite the process. I shall be obliged for immediate steps of processing.

Thanking you.

Majeed Khawar.

Apply For a Visa to Study in Foreign Country
Apply For a Visa to Study in Foreign Country

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