Business Visa Request Letter for Australia

Sample Business Visa Request Letter Format for Australia. Becoming a business tycoon is a dream of many eyes, but in order to fulfill the demand of the dream one must undergo the strenuous procedure of spreading their business nationally as well as internationally. Such letter format is real help to those who wanted to apply Visa request for Australia.

Sample Business Visa Request Letter for Australia

Daniel Smiley,
163 Street Palm, Apartment no. 4
Sydney, Postal code number +61
+61 16101979.

Subject: Business Visa Request Letter for Australia

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Fellow!

Hope you will be gliding in the good boat of health and wealth. I wish you the same for eternity.I am writing this piece of writing to confirm from you that I wish to invite Mr.Samuel Beckett to visit me in Sydney, Australia for five weeks in order to have a meeting regarding business. I hope he will be able to come on 10th of December 2016.

I am an Australian Citizen and an owner of Electrical Engineering and Tech in Brisbane. I will be reaching there as soon as possible. It would be convenient for both of us to fix our meeting there and extend our views and plans regarding the
business progression.With the grace of God I am capable to provide accommodation to him for the duration of his resides in Australia. For your scrutiny and perusal I had attached substantiation of my lodging. He will be free from any mental pain as I intend to work with him in future to come.

I have attached the copy of passport and Tenancy agreement with this request letter. If you require any other information, please do not shilly-shally to contact me.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Daniel Smiley,
14 th December, 2016.

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