Request Letter to Human resource Department for Visa

Sample Request Letter to Human resource Department for Visa. Sample Letter from Employer For Visa Application. Visa is a legal document that permits the entry of the person into certain country or state. Without visa, the possibility of entering and residing in the desired place is impossible. This format can be used by the persons who wish to have visa request from the concerned human resource department.

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Sample Request Letter to Human Resource for Visa

Commanding Officer,
Human Resource Department, Visa Section,
California, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting letter to Human resource Department for

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due reverence that I am Mr. Arthur Bede, a citizen of California, a born national I am. Now, I want to visit my newly married sister who is resident of Canada. I want to stay over there for 15 days approximately. I am in need of a visa for 20 days so that I can enjoy to the fullest during my stay over there.
The reason behind 5 more extended days in visa limitation is that I want to close my certain needs that were once started over there by me since 2016. You can say, my visit to Canada is both private and official in nature and I need the respective visa for 20 days. I will return to the land as soon as the work and the tasks assigned to me are closed. Kindly see to this matter on personal level. I hope you understand and will cater me accordingly. Please make a call to me on +13-876543-98765 at your earliest. I will come to the office right after receiving the call from the reputed office.Thank you and looking forward for a kind action.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Arthur Bede,
10th November, 2018.

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