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Recommendation Letter For an Ex-Employee for a New Job

A reference letter is a letter that is asked from or written by a person who has worked with the person it is written for a manager/HR manager/ Employer. These persons write recommendation letters to vouch f the competence and abilities of the person it s written for. This letter usually entails the abilities and experience of the person or the projects he has worked on or the skills he acquired. Check some sample recommendation letters below.

Recommendation Letter for an Ex Employee for a New Job


Mr. Sunil Dutt.

Heer Street, New Dehli, India.

Mr. Sunil,

I am writing you this letter as the Ex Senior Manager of Mr. Jay Parakash. Mr. Jay has worked as Project Manager for multiple projects our company completed over 5 years of his employment. During his time here he perfectly managed and lead the teams here and met the deadline with the optimal output every time. He made maximum use of his analyzing and management skills to plan and execute every team lead project that was handed over to him. He has been a very reliable and punctual employee for 5 years for our company and helped the company grow over time with his participation. I am very sure that the skills and experience he acquired from here will be a great addition to your company and he will be a great fit for the role he is applying for. If you need any more information regarding his employment feel free to contact me via email or call me directly. Thanks.

Om Sharma.

Senior  Manager,

Star Group Of Industries.

Recommendation Letter for an Ex Employee for a New Job


Mr. Akshay Kumar,

Square Mall, New Dehli, India.

Mr. Akshay,

I am writing this letter for Ms. Shilpa Singh as her Ex employer she worked for over 3 years from 2019 to 2022.  I would like to recommend her for the position of Social Media Executive for your company. She worked for our company and helped us grow and helped a lot with the social media presence of our brand. During her job here she planned and executed perfect social media strategies tailored to our need for our brand and implemented these strategies accordingly. She managed all our social media handles and acted as great customer support as well. she has great knowledge of how to increase engagement on social media platforms, and their algorithms. Her strategies and creativity helped our social media presence grow and increased our brand awareness which increased our business. If you want t know any more details about her you can contact me directly by calling. I will be glad to help.

Amrit Sharma.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Scholarship by Professor

Sample recommendation letter for scholarship by the professor. Recommendations are made to chalk out the easy ways for the betterment of others whether employees, workers or educationists. These formats are an easy way for the deserving ones to get their ends meet.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Scholarship by Professor

The Dean,
Athens and Sundry System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting recommendation letter for scholarship by the

Respected Sir,

Greeting! How are you sir? I hope you will be fine in your life and enjoying the miracles of God at its prime. I am here with a purpose, I cracked the news of my applying for PhD in California with you. You have agreed with my point of view that if I get the scholarship then you will spare me for two years so the lucky day has arrived now and I am in dire need of your recommendation letter suggesting that I am worthy of scholarship. Kindly grant me the recommendation letter for scholarship. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Chilly Layman

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship by the Teacher

The Principal,
Amalgam and Sundry System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting recommendation letter for scholarship by the

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you? I am fine, thank you. I hope you will also be fine in your life. Sir, I need a letter from your highness. The letter is about the recommendation. The recommendation is about scholarship. I had applied for a monthly scholarship as my husband had died, leaving me on meager salary of mine, but I have to tend a huge family and needing a scholarship from the government. Kindly issue me the recommendation letter suggesting that I am needy and really wanting the scholarship. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Chide Layman,
5th January, 2019.

Sample Reference Letter for Visa

Reference Letter for Visa Process. Recommendations are made to clear the unwanted situations that may arouse out of no bound and for the speedy process in getting visas on urgent basis. This format can prove fruitful in getting the desired letter of reference.

Sample Reference Letter for Visa

The Embassy,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Reference letter to embassy for visa process

Respected Sir,

I am Mr. Roan Dick Johnson the owner of Concrete Cement Company and it is to notify that Mr. Levis Nick is my employee and working as a General Manager for Concrete & Cement Firm located at 345 South Avenue, Oak Lane, United States of America. His yearly gross income is $50000.00 and with this application his bank statement is attached as a proof for further proceedings. He is living here from the past four years and originally he belonged to United Kingdom. He is feeling homesick, but could not go outstation to meet his parents or other kin members due to his job’s requirements. He decided to call upon his parents and discussed the matter with me.

His parents’ stay would be of domestic nature as thy only wish to see and meet his son. They will stay for three months with him in his lodging that is near to company. He is liable to bear all the expenses of his parents’ food, accommodation, medical expenses or any other financial need that might occur during their stay with him.

I request you to kindly take my words on his character and sound
commitment to law and escalate the process of visa issuance on my reference. Thanking for your time and care to hear the words.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Roan Dick Johnson,
1 st October, 2017

Sample Format of Visa Recommendation Letter

Sample format of visa recommendation letter from Lahore Chamber of commerce. In order to get the recommendation visa from Lahore Chamber of Commerce one have to undergo a process of filling the application form available on their website or branch head and after that they can get recommendation letter after careful scrutiny.

Sample Format of Visa Recommendation Letter


It is licensed that Mr. Arshan Siddique with CNIC no. 3509-34555789- 7 and holding passport no. 34876 which was issued to him on 30 th September, 2016. He is citizen of Lahore, Pakistan having residency in Civil Defense near Nishat Colony. He is a managing director in Al Karam Studios Store nationwide. He is found best in character and performance according to Lahore Chamber of Commerce. We are sending him to United States of America in Brent Wood state for the purpose of chairing financial dealings for Lawn stock.

He would return to Islamic Republic of Pakistan within fifteen days and we are held accountable for his all legal and other by law considerations if he found under charge during his stay in abroad with you as spokesperson of the lawn store. He is expected to show excellent manners and must keep the values of his country intact upon his stay in the foreign country.

We confirm that his stay is purely of business type in which he is liable to secure orders or other financial negotiations in favour of this company. He is forced to obey all the rules and regulation set upon him by the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In case of breach in trust contract, we are held accustom to bear all the financial burden on his behalf whatsoever it would be.

Date of Issue: 1 st October, 2017

MR.HUSSAIN KHALIL (Signature and Office Stamp) (Board Member of Lahore Chamber of Commerce)

Best Regards,

Salary Increase Recommendation Letter

Sample salary  increase  recommendation letter. Inflation rate bothers the pocket of every Tom, Dick and Henry and for that reason handsome increase in salary is a must thing to meet up the daily requirements. Managers who wished to upgrade the salary amount of his workers can use this format by all means and terms.

Sample Salary Increase Recommendation Letter

The Managing Director,
Hay Fields Corporate Company,
Wales, United Kingdom.

Subject: Recommendation letter from manager to increase salary of workers

Respected Sir,

I hope you will be fine and cherishing sound peace at your disposal. I am Manager in Seals Department and proficient in my work. I am very well aware of the terms and conditions of my known company and we as one team left no stone unturned to team it with more and the most success. I had a very strong team working with me and during my ten years tenure I had not received a single complaint found in the complaint box pedestal high in my office. This shows profound integrity of my team with this company.

Respected Sir, we all are aware of inflation rate caving on all of us and its effects on us as well. Similarly, my team is suffering at the hand of this inflation cobra and I highly recommend the increase in their salary for their dedication and loyalty with their work and co-staff. I owe you a great deal of honour and gratitude if you revise the basic pay scale of the workers and then announce the increase of salary on their basics. My team will highly appreciate your this favour for the better survival and living of their lifestyles.
Sincerely yours,

Mr. Ferrier Joy,
1 st May, 2017.

Recommendation Letter for Research work by the University

Sample Recommendation Letter Format for Research work by the University. Studies are important and higher studies are even of greater importance in the lives of any students. Post graduate studies cannot be completed without the submission of research work by the students and degree is not given to such students who fail to submit the report. Such letter can be used by educational department who issue recommendation letters to students in order to facilitate them.

Sample Recommendation Letter  for Research work by the University

To Whom It May Concern

Mr. Raghu Devaas,
National University of Languages and Science,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Recommendation Letter for Research work

This letter is in favour of Mr. Raghu Devaas who is student of final year in Biology. He is with the university from the past four years and during his stay with us we found him in good spirit of character and attitude. He bears no moral flaws and dedicated to his studies utmost.

As rule set by the university that before awarding the degree to any student they are supposed to submit their research work on the topics assigned to them by their professors. Considering the importance of this submission the university decided to facilitate the students by granting them the recommendation letters so they do not face problem of proving their identity before stepping in the companies/Welfare Organizations for their research work.

Kindly give him permission to perform his research work in your renowned company so that he may get his degree and serve the country in the best of her interests. Thanking you in anticipation.


Mr. Lela Dhur Chaturwedi
National University of Languages and Science

Recommendation Letter for Research work by the University

Recommendation Letter for Student from University

Sample Recommendation Letter for student from University.If any student wants to join any NGO or institution/Organization for serving the humanity through internship or volunteer program.He/She needs recommendation or reference letter from own institution. You can use as Recommendation Letter from University. Sample format is given below for your convenience.

Recommendation Letter for Student from University Sample

                               To Whom May It Concern

Miss Amna Shah joined Keynesian Institute of Management & Sciences(KIMS) IN aUGUST 2012. She will be appearing for the A Level Cambridge International Examinations in Business Studies, Economics and sociology in May/June 2015.

Her assignments are good,demonstrating her skills to comprehend and analyze different academic problems. Her class participation is a positive contribution to the classroom learning environment. She takes part in extracurricular activities as well, and has a pleasant disposition.

She has performed well in the past, and can improve her grades with more consistent efforts. She is very energetic girl and I hope she will be add value in your organization through her knowledge and effort.  I believe that a more competitive environment will allow her to further realize her potential. I wish her all the best for her endeavors.

Siron Randhawa


Recommendation Letter for student from University Sample

Recommendation Letter for Student from College

Institution Name:_______


Dear Sir/Mam,

This is in regards to Ms Sabina Saif, who is enrolled and registered as a student of Pakistan College of Law for the Academic year 2014-15. She is studying for the University of London LL.B (Hons) International Programme, which is conducted by the Pakistan College of Law as a Affiliate Center of the university. She will be receiving her results by August 2015.

She is thoroughly capable candidate for internship. I have every confidence that if given an opportunity, She will prove to be a valuable member of your institution.

If you require any further information concerning  Ms Sabina, Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Truly,

Barrister Ishaq Dar

Director International Programmes

Recommendation Letter for Student from School

 To Whom May It Concern

This is to certify that Iman Khan is currently enrolled in class O11 at Learning Alliance, DHA Campus. Iman has applied for an internship position at the Rehman Foundation in summer 2015.

Our Administration strongly encourages students to  pursue co-curricular endeavors that suit their ambition. Community service allows children to utilize their time productively while giving back to society and acquiring useful interpersonal skills that shape their sense of civic responsibility.

In accordance with this ideology, I request you grant Iman Khan the opportunity to participate in the summer internship at your respected institute. It will greatly benefit her potential.

With any further quries you may contact me at: info@learning


Sara Ali

Vice Principal

Recommendation Letter for Internship Template

Recommendation Letter for Summer Internship Program Sample. If any student wants to join any NGO or institution for serving the humanity through internship or volunteer program.He/She needs recommendation or reference letter from own institution. You can use as Recommendation Letter for Internship from Professor. Sample format is given below.

Recommendation Letter for Summer Internship Sample

I have taught advanced Level Economics to Mr. Shahid Shah for more than a year. His medium of instruction was English and he had a good written verbal command over the language.

Shahid is one of the brightest students of his batch. With exceptional academic history, Shahid is both intelligent and hardworking. He is a confident young man, who always questions the most challenging concepts and rather tries to dig deeper to understand those complicated concepts well. His genuine interest in Economics motivates him to read widely for all his assignments. Moreover, Shahid has outstanding writing skills and he can graphs, numbers and text equally well. He has always been very attentive in the class and is eager to answer all the questions being put forward by the teacher.

His ability to priorities different jobs accordingly has enabled him to secure an impressive result in his O Level. Moreover, Shahid has exceptional time-management and organisational skills which has helped him to become a diversified personality. He currently stands at an A grade for Economics.

Shahid is planning to volunteer in the upcoming summer vacations so as to widen his horizon and to explore the unidentified areas of his personality by donating his time to further the humanitarian causes. I am sure that the mature personality which Shahid carries and his commendable interpersonal skills will enable him to execute the volunteering very effectively, Hence I strongly recommend him to be considered for the volunteering position.

Ahmad Bilal,
A’ Level Economics Faculty,
Contact No: 0300-42567890

Recommendation Letter for Summer Internship Sample

Recommendation Letter for Friend

Sample format of recommendation letter for friend.  Letter format can be used for any recommendation purpose, for job sake or various other reasons. This template serves as recommendation letter for friend or colleague to work in any organization.

Recommendation Letter for Friend for Employment

Mr Salahuddin Ahmed
General Manager
F.F Insurance Company

Dear Mr Ahmed,

I understand that Mr Irfan Alam has applied for employment with your company in the capacity of Assistant Area Manager.
Mr. Alam worked with us an insurance agent for three years. During his stay with us, he always did his work carefully and sufficiently. He is honest and direct in his dealings. He has an impressive personality and pleasing habits and ways. He always co-operated with the other worker( employees) in our offices.

Mr Alam is leaving our company himself to get a better job with yours. I feel pleased to recommend him to you.

Yours Faithfully,

Akram shathi
General Manager

Sample Reference Letter for Friend

Mr. Saqib Ahmed
H.R Manager
AXY Textile Company

Dear Mr. Arshad Bajwa,

I am writing to you regarding Mr Jameel Ahmed. I have known Jameel personally for over 12 years, and have always known him to be an active,organized, responsible, and easy going individual. I believe that his skills and experience make him an excellent candidate for office manager in your organization.

When I met Jameel, he had just left an administrative position in a busy Insurance House, where he was responsible for making  new clients answering phones and making appointments for business development.

During his tenure with me I found Mr. Jameel an active and punctual person in our community. While serving this insurance company his contributions were an example for other marketing persons. His behavior and mutual understanding with other staff members and clients was very effective. The management always feel proud that he was the member of their team.

If you have any further query , please feel free to contact me by phone or email.


Faisal Shahid.

Letter of Recommendation for Teacher

Recommendation letter for teacher sample. Who is applying for teaching in another institution.To recommend the person, writing about his skills and information as necessary. Letter of recommendation can be used by various persons and staff members. It is simple format  letter of recommendation for teachers.You can use as recommendation letter for junior teacher/senior teacher /any subject teacher or assistant teacher.

Recommendation Letter For Teacher Template

To Whom It May Concern

It is my understanding that Miss Sara Khan wish to apply in your institution as a Lecturer in _____ department. She has been working with us since last 3 years and proven herself to be a qualified and exceptional person. She was teaching here as a _______ teacher was taking senior classes.

Her conduct was  marvelous and she has always shown sincerity towards her work. Due to her abilities, teaching methodologies and awareness enhancement among students we have always got positive feedback from students as well as from parents.
She has been punctual and her results are graded very good to us. Being a teacher she can train a huge number of students in class. She is a new comer in this field but her skills are tremendous.

She is leaving our institution as per her wish, so that she may get more better opportunities in future. I am glad to recommend her for your institution and hope that she will prove herself to be an asset for you.
With Warm Regards.


Recommendation Letter For Teacher Template



Recommendation Letter for Senior Teacher


To Whom It May Concern

I come to know that Mrs. Hina Jamil has applied in your organization as a senior physics teacher. In our institute she was working as a senior teacher since last 7 years. I am pleased to recommend her for your institution. The management is highly satisfied with her teaching skills along with her polite and good conduct.

She bears a great and intensified personality. We have never got any negative feedback from students. Being a senior teacher she was the member of school’s management and has organized many events, which were always up to the mark. We have evaluated her work and it should be said that she did immense contribution in education our school students. My complete support is with her, as her skills are not negligible.

She is exceptionally devoted towards teaching and we respect her in this regard. You will her in the form of qualified and talented teacher which you will definitely experience. Her ethics and activeness are considered remarkable. She have to leave our institution due to some personal problems of her, we are definitely going to miss her. She will be an asset for you.

Warm regards,



Recommendation Letter for Junior Teacher


To Whom It May Concern


I was informed that Miss. Sara wish to apply in your institution as a __________. She was working with us since last two years as a junior teacher and her conduct along with her teaching capabilities are great enough. She is loyal, devoted and energetic. Her interpersonal skills are tremendous.

Management evaluated her work and she fall on the category of perfect teacher for students. Her best quality is to adjust in every environment in every class ambiance. Her interpersonal skills are tremendous. She is sincere with her work, and always proves her result to be at a good level.

She has got courage and knowledge as well, and that is the reason she is looking for bright opportunities. I highly recommend her as a teacher in your institution. You should surely give her a chance and find the best one candidate out. I am looking for great tenure of her.

Thank you!