Sample Format of Visa Recommendation Letter

Sample format of visa recommendation letter from Lahore Chamber of commerce. In order to get the recommendation visa from Lahore Chamber of Commerce one have to undergo a process of filling the application form available on their website or branch head and after that they can get recommendation letter after careful scrutiny.

Sample Format of Visa Recommendation Letter


It is licensed that Mr. Arshan Siddique with CNIC no. 3509-34555789- 7 and holding passport no. 34876 which was issued to him on 30 th September, 2016. He is citizen of Lahore, Pakistan having residency in Civil Defense near Nishat Colony. He is a managing director in Al Karam Studios Store nationwide. He is found best in character and performance according to Lahore Chamber of Commerce. We are sending him to United States of America in Brent Wood state for the purpose of chairing financial dealings for Lawn stock.

He would return to Islamic Republic of Pakistan within fifteen days and we are held accountable for his all legal and other by law considerations if he found under charge during his stay in abroad with you as spokesperson of the lawn store. He is expected to show excellent manners and must keep the values of his country intact upon his stay in the foreign country.

We confirm that his stay is purely of business type in which he is liable to secure orders or other financial negotiations in favour of this company. He is forced to obey all the rules and regulation set upon him by the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In case of breach in trust contract, we are held accustom to bear all the financial burden on his behalf whatsoever it would be.

Date of Issue: 1 st October, 2017

MR.HUSSAIN KHALIL (Signature and Office Stamp) (Board Member of Lahore Chamber of Commerce)

Best Regards,

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