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Congratulation Letter to a Friend

Congratulation Letter to a Friend on getting medal in graduation ceremony. Passing an examination with distinction is a great thing and it must be appreciated by all and sundry. Achievements and appreciation goes hand in hand and it acts as catalyst for the bearer. This format can be a good choice for the yearning souls and can help them in their hustle.

Sample Congratulation Letter to a Friend

Ms. Lucy Luka,
East Avenue, Cherry Wood Lane,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Congratulation to a friend on getting medal in Graduation

Dear Lucy,

I am at loss of words right now as I watch you live on the Tele
vision receiving your Gold Medal in Linguistic. My eyes swelled with tears of happiness and I went in the flashback mode: recalling the blissful moments of yours; going to school having two little ponytails and swaying them here and there; running towards me holding 1 st Position Award in your hand and humping in my lap with untold happiness and excitement of yours.
After 14 years, I felt the same. The only difference is your size. You
have grown up now! For a mother, daughter is her second reflection. I wish your mother could be alive to see your wonderful success. I was not physically present at your graduation ceremony, but I watched moment by moment live show of your ceremony. I took long break from my meeting schedule and enjoyed your success to its fullest. You will exactly feel the joy when you will put yourself at my place!
On your brilliant success, I have bought a new Sports car for you as a
dream gift of yours and I hope you will enjoy your first ride with your
friends and don’t forget to take your grandparents with you. Loads of love for my lovely cute friend. Take Care.

Ms. Elizabeth Roy,
6 th February, 2018.

Letter to Friend Inviting Her to Visit Historical Place

Letter to Friend Inviting Her to Visit Historical Place. Sample invitation letter to a friend inviting him to your place. Write Letter to Friend Inviting him to Spend Summer Vacation. Sample Invitation Letter to a Friend, Inviting Him/Her to Spend Vacation with You. This sample letter can be used by students as it is one of the usual and important topics with respect to exams. Use good vocabulary, and simple words. Selection of words should be appropriate.

Letter to Friend Inviting Her to Visit Historical Place

My Dear Carol,

I hope this letter finds you perfectly hale and hearty. I am writing with so much love and happiness. I cannot really wait to tell you that the photography society which I have recently joined is arranging a tour to historical places in Texas. Yeah, I know you have always been waiting for such opportunity. And remember, when we planned two years back about this tour? I was super excited to inform you about this. Along with this letter, I am attaching your invitation and the plan of tour which is going to last for a week. I don’t want to listen to any excuse and I want you to come with all the planning. In fact, as you are free after exams you can come to my place few days before the tour. It would be great to spend time together after so long.

I have made a list of items which we will be requiring and attaching with the letter. Carol, I am thrilled about the plan and I hope that you would be too. I know taking permission from your parents would not
be tough at all. You can ask your little sister to come along, as mine is going with me as well. I am waiting for your reply; I don’t know how I will wait for few more days. Write me soon and confirm your plan.

With Love,
Ema Welly

Congratulation Email to Friend on Getting Job

Sample Congratulation Email to friend on getting good job. Friends are important part of man’s life as with them one can live a life full of colours and love. Turning an ordinary day into something special is the aura of true friends and such wonders can be done via email where a man can feel his presence in his friend’s life on getting good jobs!

Sample Congratulation Email to Friend on Getting Job

To: sam98765@live.com

Subject: Congratulation Email to friend on getting good job

My love of life!

I hope you will be in the best basket of blessing and endless blessings of the Almighty. I cannot express my feeling of bliss for you at the moment! I read your email few minutes before and felt frantic jubilation. I am really very happy for you my dear. Stay blessed ever!

I remember the childhood we shared and then sufferings of ours in different dimensions and fields; mine were subjective in nature in which your support was immense to build my moral character and yours were objective in sense, in which, unfortunately I was of no help to you because of distance. I can imagine with relief now that your objective issues will die their natural death on the arrival of your good job. With this money, you can solve maximum of your financial and related mental issues. It will take only a year to spend money on such matters and then the wide gate of happiness will transfer you from this world to the world of bliss and gaiety. I am always praying for you and your family. Be happy and make others happy too. Love you once again.

Mr. Jacob
June 1, 2016

Sample Apology Letter for Friend

Sample Apology Letter to Best Friend. If you could not attend his/her marriage ceremony. You can send him/her apology letter for excuse.You can write best wishes for married life in this letter. Format of apology letter is given below.

Sample Apology Letter to Best Friend

My Dear Friend,

I hope you and your family doing well in the best of health and spirits. I am very sorry and embarrassed that I could not be attend at your marriage ceremony. As you know I was much excited to handle the whole function.

Due to some urgent official work I had to fly out of country and I was not in the town on your day of marriage so could not join the function. I deeply missed the function and it would have been great to see you getting married. I felt happy when heard that everything went fine on the day.

Marriage is once in a lifetime moment in anyone’s life and hope that you will get all pleasures of it.I will come to see you and bridle soon. Many best wishes for your married life.May Allah bless you and your family.

Give my prayers to everyone else in the family.

Yours Truly Friend,

Ahsan Hamza

Sample Apology Letter to Best Friend
Sample Apology Letter to Best Friend

Recommendation Letter for Friend

Sample format of recommendation letter for friend.  Letter format can be used for any recommendation purpose, for job sake or various other reasons. This template serves as recommendation letter for friend or colleague to work in any organization.

Recommendation Letter for Friend for Employment

Mr Salahuddin Ahmed
General Manager
F.F Insurance Company

Dear Mr Ahmed,

I understand that Mr Irfan Alam has applied for employment with your company in the capacity of Assistant Area Manager.
Mr. Alam worked with us an insurance agent for three years. During his stay with us, he always did his work carefully and sufficiently. He is honest and direct in his dealings. He has an impressive personality and pleasing habits and ways. He always co-operated with the other worker( employees) in our offices.

Mr Alam is leaving our company himself to get a better job with yours. I feel pleased to recommend him to you.

Yours Faithfully,

Akram shathi
General Manager

Sample Reference Letter for Friend

Mr. Saqib Ahmed
H.R Manager
AXY Textile Company

Dear Mr. Arshad Bajwa,

I am writing to you regarding Mr Jameel Ahmed. I have known Jameel personally for over 12 years, and have always known him to be an active,organized, responsible, and easy going individual. I believe that his skills and experience make him an excellent candidate for office manager in your organization.

When I met Jameel, he had just left an administrative position in a busy Insurance House, where he was responsible for making  new clients answering phones and making appointments for business development.

During his tenure with me I found Mr. Jameel an active and punctual person in our community. While serving this insurance company his contributions were an example for other marketing persons. His behavior and mutual understanding with other staff members and clients was very effective. The management always feel proud that he was the member of their team.

If you have any further query , please feel free to contact me by phone or email.


Faisal Shahid.