Salary Increase Recommendation Letter

Sample salary  increase  recommendation letter. Inflation rate bothers the pocket of every Tom, Dick and Henry and for that reason handsome increase in salary is a must thing to meet up the daily requirements. Managers who wished to upgrade the salary amount of his workers can use this format by all means and terms.

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Sample Salary Increase Recommendation Letter

The Managing Director,
Hay Fields Corporate Company,
Wales, United Kingdom.

Subject: Recommendation letter from manager to increase salary of workers

Respected Sir,

I hope you will be fine and cherishing sound peace at your disposal. I am Manager in Seals Department and proficient in my work. I am very well aware of the terms and conditions of my known company and we as one team left no stone unturned to team it with more and the most success. I had a very strong team working with me and during my ten years tenure I had not received a single complaint found in the complaint box pedestal high in my office. This shows profound integrity of my team with this company.

Respected Sir, we all are aware of inflation rate caving on all of us and its effects on us as well. Similarly, my team is suffering at the hand of this inflation cobra and I highly recommend the increase in their salary for their dedication and loyalty with their work and co-staff. I owe you a great deal of honour and gratitude if you revise the basic pay scale of the workers and then announce the increase of salary on their basics. My team will highly appreciate your this favour for the better survival and living of their lifestyles.
Sincerely yours,

Mr. Ferrier Joy,
1 st May, 2017.

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