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Warning Letter to Student by School due to Frequent Absentees

Warning Letter to a Student by School due to Frequent Absentees.The aims of education must be directed toward the development of each child’s personality and full potential, preparing children to participate in society and to do work that is rewarding and reasonably remunerative, and to continue learning throughout life. This is a sample easy format letter to warn a student due to frequent absentees by school authorities.

Warning Letter to a Student by School due to Frequent Absentees

Date 12.05.2018
Private and confidential

Mr. Carl.
Street no 5, lake city London

Subject: “warning letter to a student by school due to frequent absentees”

Dear Carl,

I am being issue you a warning letter to your frequent absentees form our school during the test session period of 17.2.2018 to 14.04.2018. This is a serious matter according to our rules and regulation of school and we cannot tolerate it any more.
Through this letter I am informing you that your attendance record is unsatisfactory, and that immediate improvement and action is required. This is your first and last warning letter. Your admission
would be terminated if your attendance will be not improved by 20.05.2018, and if you failed to attend upcoming test sessions you would be not only fined but you would be not promoted to other class. I propose that you would meet in my office with written excuse application with your both parents signature at 17.04.2018. Otherwise you have to come along with your parents to meet me. Because your non serious attitude cannot be facilitate anymore.
You will be acknowledged if you become not only punctual but regular as well as begin to take interest in your studies with determination. I hope positive response from your side. Else a serious action will take place against you which might lead to termination of your admission. You are given another chance because your previous academic record was above average and you have also some positions in extra curriculum activities.

Best Regards,

Mr. McDonald
Academic Director
City High School

Warning Letter for Absent Without Approval

Warning letter for absent without approval. Warning letter to employee for authorized absence. Warning letter to employee for excessive absence. Letter to employee regarding unauthorized absence.

Warning Letter for Absent Without Approval

Miss Anna Jane
London Schools of Accountancy

Subject: “Warning Letter to Teacher for frequent absent from school”.

Dear Madam,

With regard, this is to inform you that your frequent absentees from the job are representing your unprofessional attitude. Our policies did not allow a school teacher to carry such non serious attitude towards a job. We need enthusiastic teacher for our school because
your frequent absentees without approval may cause poor result of our students. This is your first and last warning from our side. If you will not maintain your regular attendance record, you will be terminated from our school.
Hopefully, you will take this seriously and will decrease your frequent absentees. Failing to do so may lead to termination of your employment. The school wishes you a bright career here. I look positive changes in your attendance record.


Mr. James William
Principle London Schools of Accountancy
Date 10.05.2018

Warning Letter for Absent Without Approval for Employee


Date 12.05.2018
Mr. John Jade
Lascotts 55 N jl London

Subject: warning letter for employee

Dear Jade,

I am writing to you about your frequent absentees form your job during the employment period of 17.12.2017 to 14.04.2018 with “Information System Associates FZF”. Through this letter I am advising you that your attendance record is unsatisfactory, and that immediate improvement is required. This is your second warning letter. Your employment will be terminated if your attendance will be not improved by 20.05.2018.I propose that we will meet again at 17.05.2018 to review your attendance and performance as well. Please let me know if this time is convenient for you.
You will be acknowledged if you become not only punctual but regular as well as perform your duties with determination. I hope positive response from your side. Otherwise a serious action will take place against you which might lead to termination of your job.


Mr. McDonald
Chief executive
Information System Associates FZF

Warning Letter by Parents to Principal

Sample warning letter by parents to principal on increasing security guards.  Security plays a pivotal role in the lives of people nowadays whether it is the security of a child or an adult….it is equally matters and warnings are sent to respective high ups on seeing any loophole in the security system. This easy format can help such persons in coining good words for a good purpose. Please feel free to use this format for your own means. Sample letter format of warning letter by parents to principal on increasing security guards.

Warning Letter by Parents to Principal

The Principal,
Allied Aster High School for Boys,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Warning on the account of security guards

Respected Sir,

Good day! We hope you will be fine and safe in your life.
Sir, you knew what had happened in the school yesterday! My four year son had reached the home all by himself and well before the ending time of the school! The question here arises that how a child of this tender age crossed the gate of the school and nothing stirred in the administration of the school! All were sleeping together with the CCTV Cameras??? This is the biggest question on your administration and management? Where were the guards? Where were the teaching staff? Where were you? If my son had met any accident while crossing the roads that are rush and busy all the time! Who will be responsible for this act? Isn’t it reckless?
My son had reached home by himself and safe and I understand that
school routine is tight and hectic in these days so I am not filing FIR against your institute, but I warn you to keep a strict action in this regard and increase number of security guards in your school otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.

Best Regards,

Mr. Rock Ronaldo,
13 th February, 2018.

Warning Letter for Teacher on Frequent Absenteeism

Sample warning letter for teacher on frequent absenteeism. Warning letter for absent without approval. Warning Letter for Frequent Absenteeism to Teacher.Teaching is termed as mother of all professions as all the other professions take their birth from it. Teachers have heavy duties of teaching students not only syllabus, but also manners and culture and if teacher is not punctual then a lot of things will suffer which is not a good sign and deserve a warning letter. This easy format can be one such help for the high ups who want to draft good words and reasons to limit the teaching staff to certain limits.

Warning Letter for Teacher on Frequent

To Whom It May Concern

Reason of Warning: Warnings are sent on the grounds of late coming, taking leaves without prior intimation, misbehaving with the colleagues, beating students for no reason, using harsh language with the parents, frequent absenteeism and insubordination. All these actions are held objectionable and deserve warnings. On getting three warnings, the teacher will consider herself terminated from her/his seat.

Explanation: you are seen and held accountable for Absenteeism on frequent basis. This attitude is consider as reckless and unprofessional as your frequent absenteeism lagged behind the teaching and the learning of the students.
Possible Actions: You will be fired on getting three warnings from any of the above mentioned reasons. Refrain yourself from getting them.
Teacher’s Comment: if you have anything to say in this account you can give your write up here:
Areas to Develop on: You must come to school on regular basis and if you are facing any serious problem then you should avail immediate leave of a week or so, but avoid taking leaves on and off from the school as it disturb the routine of the work and the school.
Best Regards,

Mr. Principal,
13 th February, 2018.

Safety Warning Letter Template

Sample warning letter to site contractor for not following
safety norms. Contractors are responsible for completing the project as well as seeing whether the working in progress is going very well or there is some sort of loophole in the working conditions. Conforming to working conditions’ safety norms is mandatory to avoid any risk. This warning should be written in firm words as human life is at stake and can be used by individuals who wanted to catch up such persons.

Sample  Warning Letter to contractor for
Safety Norms

The Site Contractor,
Bit lily Bran UNICCO Firm,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Warning to site contractor for not following safety norms

Respected Sir,

Be informed that, I am Mr. Rood Ralph, the spokesperson of Meteoric Clinic Clench Firm. On the behalf of my company under the direct command of the Chairman, it is to convey you that we had seen you working off the scale in the compound of the factory. We had already conveyed to you in the clearest words that we are in no position of compromising the safety of our workers at any cost, but you are found breaching in the set norms of safety.

You are not asking the workers to wear mask during the spray of chemical in the designed containers and you were mindful of the fact that these chemicals are toxic in their very nature and affect the persons overall health. Take this notice as a warning letter or we are by all means in a position to seize your work and freeze the remaining amount of your contract as you are not following the safety norms mentioned in the consent and breaking the laws not considering its harms.

Your compliance is welcoming or you would be responsible for
your own actions and the result proceeded to it. This is the first and the final warning being sent to you in this connection so take it very seriously.


Mr. Chairman,
Meteoric Clinic Clench Firm.
6 th November, 2017.

Sample Warning Letter to Contractor

Format of warning letter sample for site contractor on using poor material.  Constructions are made on certain reasons whether for business point of view or making of houses for living purpose or rental. Good quality material is required in any case and warnings are necessary in gearing the situation to right side. This format is helpful in finding the right words for right post.

Sample Warning Letter to Contractor

The Site Contractor,
Bristol Canoe Firm,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Warning for site contractor on using poor material

Dear Rick Dick,

Please be intimated that few months ago, you had signed the letter of agreement that said following things:

1-  The plot sized 1 kanal must be constructed as grey structured model.
2- The construction period must not exceed longer than four months.
3- A grade brick must be used in the building material.
4- Concrete and lantern material must be of excellent quality that will be used in the construction of the house.
5- In case, any of the above mentioned clauses ignored or found alternate to it and without intimation and consent of the owner, then the site contractor is liable to pay the fine for using poor material whether in concrete or bricks together with returning the poor material used in construction of the building.

I was routinely on survey to see the progress of the work and to my
surprise, the bricks I saw at the back side of the portico were of low
quality but the price was taken from me on the basis of A grade brick. I was not expecting this cheat even after the clearest words as written in the treaty. I demand the last clause of the agreement to be fulfilled by you or otherwise I will freeze your remaining amount. I hope you understand what I say.

Mr. Marlin Chuhaan,
6 th November, 2017

Warning Letter to Marketing Manager for Low Sale

Sample Warning Letter format to Marketing Manager for Low Sale. Ups and downs go hand in hand in any business, but unprofessional behavior is not catered anywhere in the world of business. Warnings are served when peak of anything arose. They are meant as signs of correction and not as threats, but it should be taken seriously. Such format can be used by companies who wanted to alert their staff/manager or any concern person on low sale.

Sample Warning Letter to Marketing Manager for Low Sale


Mr. Brad Tom,

It is to inform you that you as Marketing Manager are not paying any heed to your Sales Department. It is clearly written and INFORMED to you all at the time of joining that Low Sale will not be tolerated at any cost!

It is a matter of prestige and reputation of our company and bearing bad name in name of LOW SALE is equal to death! We perfectly understand your personal issues and the problems of your department. We also accept your job is tough and we tried our level best to accommodate and facilitate you accordingly when and where need arise.

We are feeling sorry that you did not pay us off in the same way. You took our relaxation for granted and went deeper in the set comfort zone which is not at all appreciable in any sense! Your mode of relaxation resulted in low sales in your department. This is an insult to you and for us as well. With heavy hearts, we are compelled to issue you this letter, but don’t take it as an insult rather take it as a corrective measurement and a chance to improve yourself and a challenge to prove us wrong! Good luck!


Tobacco Mount Company,

Clearance Letter for withholding Cash and Late Deposit

Sample Clearance Letter or reply letter  for withholding Cash and Late Deposit by employee. Every employee can be used this reply format against show cause notice or warning letter according to need. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Clearance Letter  for withholding Cash and Late Deposit

The Manager,
Human Resource Department
Union Cooperative Bank Limited,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Clearance on notice for withholding cash and late deposit

Honourable Sir,

It is to relate very humbly that I was given the Show Cause Notice on the account of withholding the cash amount and depositing it late in the bank. I do admit the words uttered by your esteemed self but the reason behind this negligence was the system’s technical issue.

The upgradation took much time and then the working hours went to its ending time. I even waited an hour even after the pack up time but all in vain. By the next morning as soon as I stepped in the bank I deposited the cash of require amount in the bank. Kindly check the details so that the warning can evade from my side. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Raibahadur
December, 3, 2015

 Clearance Letter  for withholding Cash and Late Deposit
Clearance Letter for withholding Cash and Late Deposit

Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample

Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample. This format to warn the teacher on misconduct on Parent Teacher meeting in school or college.This format letter is valid for all school, academies, colleges and universities for issuing warning letter to the teacher on misconduct.

Sample Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct

Mr. Perdeep Singh Ashook!

You are a senior teacher of this educational system and you are serving this institute from old time which we should not mention to you as you are well aware of the services you rendered very well to this system.To my utmost disbelief and shock I received a complaint from many parents on the account of this recently passed Parent Teacher Meeting that you were not behaving according to the rules and customs of the PTM. You went on in lengthy and somewhat detailed personal matters of the parents which is by no means a policy of our educational system.

The point is Mr. Perdeep Singh Ashook that if the result of your students were not up to the level then it could not be the responsibility of the parents alone! In our training sessions and workshops you yourself conducted skimmed the idea that in Parent Teacher Meetings teachers are supposed to only stick and move around the main issuing area that is students’ performance whether bad or good and not on the case histories of the students to check where the problem arises that results in poor and weak performance of the student.

This is the first Warning given to you and if you collect three more Warning Letters that we regret we cannot ask for your services anymore.

Lt. Col Sherma Patail

Date: 29th Aug., 2015.

Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample
Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample

Warning letter for Teacher

Madam Ayesha Latif,
Senior School,
Good Field High School,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Subject: Warning letter for Teacher

You are hereby being warned that your absence without prior consent has been noted. It has come to my knowledge that you were informed on a priori basis that you may not take leave from school for two days during the annual examinations. Your absence created inconvenience for the students; it has also been found that the exam paper that you handed in to be conducted had certain semantic errors.
Previously it has been brought to my notice that your conduct towards your peers was not up to the mark. The school administration has high expectations of its staff members and believes that certain behaviors, insults, personal comments are unacceptable. You are being notified that is the last warning
being issued in this regard, further behavior of the like shall not be considered acceptable.

Madam Nargis Danial,
20 th September, 2016.

Warning Letter for Child Fee from School

Warning Letter for Child Fee from School Sample.This warning letter is only for the parents who did not pay the outstanding fee of their child studying in schools, colleges and universities. You can change it according to your need.

Sample Warning Letter for Child Fee from School

Dear Parents,

I the Principal/ Chairperson/ Vice Chancellor of the institute_____________ is addressing you with much remorse and in very firm tone that off and on issuance of the reminders sent to you on diaries/receipts/circulars by the head teachers/administration office /clerical staff in regard of outstanding fee still unpaid by you to the institute. But no heed was paid to the notices sent for you in this regard.

We are running this wide spread institute on profit free basis and due to this reason we have to accumulate the money generated by fee of the students. With this generated fee we pay the salaries of our teaching staff, ancillary staff, guards and drivers.

A number of other tasks are also performed on the score of this accumulated money like electricity bills, gas bills, computer labs’ maintenance, library funds, internet access, science labs’ monthly renovation and bills of IT department and purchasing of new materials like computers, LED, LCD, furniture, projectors, transparencies, energy savers, television, books for libraries as well for deserving students schooled in the institute for good. Scholarship money is also squeezed from this money for the betterment of the educational growth of the disciples.

In case of non-payment of the outstanding fee that is incumbent on you as a liability, we will now struck off the name of your child from the admission list as well as from the attendance register of the class. This type of striking off/termination would badly affect the educational career of your child as you will not be given Leaving certificate without which your child will not get admission anywhere in the country. To escape this scary time deposit the fee as soon as possible in the institute or you alone will be responsible for the dire consequences.


Jozef Zurek
CIMS Inetrnational School

Sample Warning Letter for Child Fee from School
Sample Warning Letter for Child Fee from School