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Personal Biography Sample for Loan

Sample personal biography letter for educational loan. personal biography sample. A biography is simply an account of someone’s life written by another person. It can be short and long as per requirement. Necessary changes can be done.

Personal Biography Sample for Loan

The Principal,
Elite Modern High School
Abbottabad, Pakistan

Subject: request for student loan

Dear Sir,

It is stated that my financial means have compelled me to request a student loan from school. The need has arisen now that my father has retired from work and funds are tight. With other spending requirements as well money is a growing issue for the family. I have, however, studied at this school since I was in class one. Now that I have only a year left, I do not wish to go and adjust anywhere
else. I am not pleading for funds in kind; I would appreciate if I am loaned money for fees this year.
Along with studies I teach tuition to younger students as well, in a few months’ time after college when students are free in summer vacations I will be able to make up for lost time and pay what Ii owe you. Your help in this regard will be highly beneficial.

Yours Obediently,

Farooq Aslam
3 rd November, 2016.


Sample letter format of requesting education loan for personal biography. Biographies are written for awareness of the people around and to motivate them in their lives, but its publications requires expense and loans are real help for it.

Sample Letter of Requesting Education Loan for Personal Biography

The Minister,
Finance and Loan Department,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request of education loan for personal biography

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that I am journalist and I decided to share my life incidents with my people and for that reason I started writing a biography, but its publications require a lot of money as is heavy in volume and for that reason I wanted a loan of $ 3000 from Education Loan department. Kindly grant me the said loan at your earliest. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Ms. Janet Martin,
16th December, 2017.

Educational Loan Request Letter

Sample requesting letter for educational loan. Education Loan Request Letter. Loans are mandatory to those who wish to achieve their goals at any cost and this format serves their need the most. Sample letter for requesting education loan.

Educational Loan Request Letter

The Dean,
Aster Daffodil University,
Cape Town, South Africa.

Subject: Requesting educational loan for studies

Respected Sir,

It is to inform you that I am a teacher here in this university from the past many years and caused you no problem during the
time period. I am fond of studying and equipping myself with better and the best education. I wanted to do my doctoral from Germany and applied for the admission. Luckily, I got the call from them yesterday, but they are demanding amount of 10 million for the completion of the degree.

This much amount, that I do not possess right now and wanted loan for this purpose. Please sanction me the loan of the desired amount and for its recovery cut my half salary per month to pay the amount of the loan taken. Thank you.

Yours truly,
Mr. John Carter,
6 th November, 2017.

Format 2:-

Sample letter format of requesting bank loan for higher studies. This format can be used by those who wanted to go for higher studies in their lives.

Sample Letter of Requesting Bank Loan for Higher studies

The Operational Manager,
Candid Private Bank,
Cape town, South Africa.

Subject: Requesting bank loan for higher studies

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that I had applied for my M.phill in English Literature in United States of America few months ago. I am leaving in a month for achieving my dreams. I want a loan of 20 million from this prestigious bank and for its security I am depositing certified papers of my property. I am in need of quick cash in 15 days or earlier if possible. I hope you see to my matter at personal level as I am not new for you and had never caused any trouble to you in my past years. Please contact me via my number: 04441-7545430836 and I will be waiting to hear from you soon. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Lord Fenny,
6 th November, 2017.

Decline Letter of Loan from Bank

Sample letter format of decline of loan to employee from bank.Policies are meant to be followed in any banking or other professional organization. The policies can have effect on its employee as well.Such banks who wanted to follow their policies and don’t want to lose a good relationship with their employees can entertain themselves from their letter format of declining the loan.

Sample Decline Letter of Loan from Bank

For: Mr. Anderson Tames
From: Jackson Bank private limited,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Letter of decline of loan to employee from bank

Respected and Cherished!

Hoping good health on your worthy account. Much concerns for you. We had received your loan application and is right in front of me on my desk. The amount you needed is $ 6000 which is fairly handsome. We acknowledge your need and financial disrupt and mindful of it as well.

You are, no doubt a bonafide employee of our bank, but we regret that we cannot sanction the amount you needed. The reason behind is the policy of our bank that we cannot sanction the loan to any employee of grade 17. Secondly, we cannot entertain the loan unless we get a verified property of the same amount or more as security.

We had seen your ACRs and much impressed from the quality of your work so, we decided to pool money on our behalf to fulfil your financial need. As soon as, we arrange the required money we will get back to you. We insist, you must accept our token of love for you. Much love and concern.


Board of Directors,
25 July 2016

Sample Decline Letter of Loan from Bank
Sample Decline Letter of Loan from Bank

Agreement Eamil Against Credit Card

Sample Agreement Eamil Against Credit Card between customer and bank. This  format of agreement for bank necessary changes can be done according to requirments.

Sample Agreement Eamil Against Credit Card

Subject: Card No 333333334444555

Dear Sir,

With reference to our discussions regarding the subject please be informed that outstanding amount in your below mentioned Credit Card is AED 131,345 as on 15th April 2015.We have agreed that theabove liability shall be settled, by paying AED 5,000 as full and final as per below agreement in one payment.




In case of non payment of the agreed amount as per the obove mentioned terms and conditions, this agreement will become null and void and the entire outstanding amount of AED 131,345 along with future interest will become due and payable.

This email has been at your request without any risk or responsibility on the bank and its employee.

Ahmer Rana
Recovery Officer,
Mashreq Bank

Sample Agreement Eamil Against Credit Card
Sample Agreement Eamil Against Credit Card

Letter for NOC from Bank

Sample Letter for NOC from Bank. If any employee of bank want to take loan from another bank a letter is written to get the No Objection Certificate. Mention your details and designation along with the purpose that why you require NOC. Letter is written to the branch manager or head of your department. Sample is given below.

Letter for NOC from Bank (Housing Loan)

The Manager,
ABC Bank

Subject: Request to Issue NOC for Loan

Dear Sir,

I hope to find you in a good health. I am writing in order to inform you that I am employee in your bank since last two years. I have applied for housing loan in XYZ Bank. Being already an employee of your bank, I will be requiring No Objection Certificate. It should mention that bank have no objection upon my housing loan, from XYZ Bank. Requirement of NOC is mentioned in their policy criteria. I hope you will consider my request and issue me the NOC as soon as possible. I shall be obliged for this favor.


James Kin.
ABC Bank.

Sample Letter for NOC from Bank

The Branch Manager,
STC Bank

Subject: Letter for Issuing No Objection Certificate

Dear Sir,

Hope to find you hale and hearty. I am writing in order to inform you that I have come to know about loan scheme in ABC Bank and I really want to avail that chance. Being already employee of your bank I will be requiring No Objection Certificate from your side which will make sure that STC Bank have no issue if I apply for loan in ABC Bank. I will appreciate if I can get the NOC within two days. I hope that my request would be considered.

Thanking you in anticipation.


James Green.
STC Bank.

Sample Letter for NOC from Bank
Sample Letter for NOC from Bank

Email Letter for Bank Loan Installment

Sample of Email Letter for Bank Loan Installment. If any account holder has taken loan form bank or any organization and he/she wants to ask bank for loan installments, the given application, letter or e-mail format can be used. Write brief and mention the amount and concern simply. Refusal E-mail reply format from organization is given too.


Email Letter for Bank Loan Installment

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015

Account Number:   20011122789
Registration No:     0065-PL003245
Account Title:         Arshad Bajwa

Subject: Partial Payment Against Personal Loan

Dear Concerns,
Reference to the captioned subject I may right to inform you that I has been availed the personal loan from your bank. Last time I has been paid the partial payment a sum of 150,000/-(Rupees One Hundred FiftyThousand Only) in the last year May, 2014. Now I am ready to arrange some more payment and adjust partially. I would like to inform you that my long term relation with silk bank and I am also the account holder of Silk Bank Gulberg Liberty Branch Lahore and maintain the saving account number 0013-20011122789.
I am also the employee of Falcon’s (Pvt) Limited which has avail the credit facilities on fund based and non fund based from your silk bank main branch 14-Egerton Road Lahore. (Account number 0004-20004356789 & 0015-1234567890)
You are therefore requested to give me go ahead by return e. mail however I deposit my payment in my Personal Loan Account.
Arshad Bajwa
Falcon’s Pvt.Ltd
Email Letter for Bank Loan Installment
Email Letter for Bank Loan Installment

Refusal Email Reply

Dear Mr. Arshad,

This is in reference to your email dated January 20, 2015.
Please be advised that as per our system records partial payment was run against your Personal Loan facility in May 2014. However, we would like to inform you that it is mandatory to complete/ pay 12 installments from May 2014 onwards in order to avail the partial payment option again.

Therefore, we regret to inform you that at this point of time we are unable to entertain your request for the partial payment as same option will be available again in May 2015.

Complaint Management Unit.

Application for Loan Clearance Certificate

Sample format of Application for Loan Clearance Certificate from Bank or from any organization or company. Templates of application are given below for your use.

Application for Loan Clearance Certificate

The Manager
Barclays Bank, Canada.

Subject: Application for Loan Clearance Certificate

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am James Kin holding account number: 88007 in your bank since three years. I took loan from bank for my personal use of US $5,000. Tenure of 3 years was given to me and I agreed all the terms and conditions. Till now, 1 year is over and I have paid US $2,000, but I cannot afford the installment system, which I was paying to bank. Thus, I decided to pay the lump sum cash of US $3,000 all at once. I have deposited the mentioned amount on 8th January, 2015 and it is requested that kindly, issue me Loan Clearance Certificate as it will be of my use in future. I hope that you will consider my request as soon as possible.

Thanking you in anticipation.


James Kin.

Application for Loan Clearance Certificate
Application for Loan Clearance Certificate

Application for Loan Clearance Certificate from Company

The Director,
Falcon’s Agency.

Subject: Application for Loan Clearance

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am Ali Khan working in this organization as a Marketing Manager. Sir, three months back I took loan of Rupees. One Lac only from company and I signed the agreement mentioning that the amount will be paid in next two months.

Pleased be informed that I have cleared the loan amount on Wednesday, 7th December, 2014. Due to some personal circumstances I was seeking to get my salary of this month in advance but for this purpose I will be requiring my Loan Clearance Certificate from you.

Kindly, issue me and the receipt of paid amount is attached with the application. I shall be obliged in this regard.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Ali Khan.
Manager Marketing.

Loan Rejection Letter

Sample of Loan Rejection Letter or Advance Salary Rejection Letter. A format of Rejection Letter which can be used for loan, advance or other reasons in order to reject any employee. Clarify the reason for which you are rejecting the loan or advance application of the employee. You can use as rejection email for loan.Templates are given below.

Sample Loan Rejection Letter

Mr. Hazel Keat.
Manager Accounts
Falcon’s Agency, USA.

Subject: Loan Rejection Letter

Dear Hazel,
This letter is to inform you that we regret to reject your loan application of US $1000. The reason is you have already taken a loan of US $2000 and the deductions are still form your monthly salary. Still $1000 are left and until and unless your balance is cleared we cannot grant another loan. As this is hard and fast rule of our organization. We hope that you will understand and your application would be accommodated later.

With Regards,

Falcon’s Agency.

Sample Loan Rejection Letter
Sample Loan Rejection Letter


Advance Loan Rejection Letter

Mrs. Margret
Finance Officer,
Falcon’s Agency, London.

Subject: Advance Loan Rejection Letter

Dear Mrs. Margret,
We are sorry to inform you that your application for advance loan of US $2000 can not be entertained by the company. We understand that you are sincere employee of our organization and you have a genuine problem but unfortunately company is facing severe crisis. As soon as we will be in stable position we will attune your request. We hope that you will cooperate.

Yours Sincerely,

Assistant Director,
Falcon’s Agency.

Advance Salary Rejection Letter

Miss. Henry Jean,
Assistant Accountant,
Dove’s Association, California

Subject: Advance Salary Rejection Letter

Dear Miss. Henry,
We regret to inform you that your application for advance salary has been rejected. Company has already given loans and advance to 30% employees and for the time being we cannot conciliate more employees further. We will consider your request soon as we will be in a position. We expect that you will collaborate.

Yours Faithfully,

Dove’s Association.

Advance Salary Rejection Letter
Advance Salary Rejection Letter

Application For Issuing Salary Slip

Sample Application for issuing salary slip. Application written to higher authorities by any of staff members. Useful for any post. Sample format letter for issuing salary slip for people who want company to issue their salary slip for any reason, for opening bank account or others. You can mention some other reason according to your requirement.

Application for Issue of Pay Slip

The Finance Director,
Subject:  Application For Issuing Salary Slip
Respected  Sir,
With due respect it is stated that I am ______ (name), working in your organization as a__________ (designation) in _______ (department). I want to open my bank account as well as to gain credit card in _________ (bank name).
For this purpose the major requirement of bank is salary slip of mine. I want you to kindly issue my salary slips of last one year up til now. It is an urgent need, kindly issue my salary slips within a week.
I hope that you will consider my request soon.
Thanking you I remain.
Application for Issue of Pay Slip
Application for Issue of Pay Slip

Letter for Issuing Salary Slip

The Accounts Manager,
Subject:  Application For Issuing Salary Slip (For Car Lease)
Dear Sir,
It is requested that, I have to lease a car from bank. For this purpose, as a major requirement of bank I need my salary slip. My salary slips of last two years are urgently needed. Kindly, free some time from your busy schedule and help me in this regard. It would be a really kind favour for me, Provision of my salary slips can be through my email as per your convenience. I shall be looking forward for your response.
Yours Truly,
Manager Administration.
 Letter for Issuing Salary Slip
Letter for Issuing Salary Slip

Request Email for Salary Slip

 Dear Mr. Howen Rocks,

Humbly Requested that, I am Ms. Mathew John working as Deputy Manager here for since two years. Recently I have applied    for Job in Dubai because my whole family is settled there and Hiring Department required my work Experience letter and        monthly Salary slip as proof of job. I request you to please issue me at least three months salary slip since July. I shall be thankful to you.


Ms. Mathew John

Deputy Manager

Request Issuing Salary Slip for Future Reference

Dear Ms. Kateen,

I have worked as Customer Service Officer at Monsanto. Due to some circumstances I have left my job. I request you to please   issue my Salary Slip for official purpose in future. I have had a great experience working with this company. I will be very grateful to you.

Yours Truly,


Salary Slip for Bank Loan


The General Manager, Value Group USA.

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am ———currently working in your organization. Sir i need salary slips for last  3 months. because, I want to apply loan from bank. As per bank requirement salary slips are necessary for process and proof Therefore, i request you to process my application as soon as possible and issue my salary slips record. Looking for your positive feedback.

Sincerely Yours,