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Sample Letter for Repayment of Loan Installments to Bank

Sample Letter for Repayment of Loan Installments to bank. Loan is easy to take, but hard to pay, is a famous proverb and rightly fit in to the lives of the people who take bank loans. Payment of loan is easier now because of the installments! These installments are flexible and feasible in approach and rightly fulfill the needs of the in debtor. This format can be used by the persons who wish to put forward the request for the repayment of the loan in installments to the bank.

Sample Letter for Repayment of Loan Installments to Bank

Operational Officer,
Human Resource Department, Visa Section,
California, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting repayment of loan installments to bank from
the teacher

Dear Sir,

Greetings! How are you sir? I hope you will be satisfied in your life and may you always be. It is to state with due reverence that I am Mr. Martin Bede. I am a science teacher in the local body school. I came from a very humble family and being the eldest of my kin, I dream to see my kin happy and healthy wealthy. For that purpose, I had decided to make a home of my own where my family can reside and taken the loan of $60000 from this well-reputed bank. As you know that teachers do not earn much and it is really very difficult for them to pay the debt or loan in full and at first hand cash, so is the case with me. I want to repay the loan in easy installments of three years and for this I need your cooperation. Kindly devise an easy installment plan for me and make me grateful to you for this kind and generous act.

Best regards,
Mr. Martin Bede,
5th January, 2019.

Loan Acceptance Letter Sample

Loan Acceptance Letter Sample. Sample letter format of requesting acceptance of the loan. Businesses run on the very ideas that can be generated in any human mind, but it is not the idea only that can hit the business industry, but it also requires money. Many a times money is not at hand so loan can replace its need of fulfillment. This format can be a real help for those who spare time to run after their dreams.

Loan Acceptance Letter Sample

The Manager,
Smith Steel Corporation Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting acceptance of the loan

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that by birth I was creative and had numerous ideas popped up in my mind thousand times a day, but due to weak financial position and lack of place make me bound and I could not pursue my dreams, but now I had gotten hands on place nearby my locality at cheaper rates that is affordable to me. The only obstacle that I am facing is the ratio of money that I need to purchase different products and machines for my company that is a just a nut in the peanut.

Sir, I worked with you for more than three years as a sales by and you were happy with me on the score of my work quality and now your disciple is intending to earn his own name so won’t you help him in achieving his dreams and building a fame on your name? My amount is not greater than $5000.00 and a rich like you can easily afford this meagre price thrown at you in shape of loan! Please this to this matter at your earliest and accept my request for the loan. I will be thankful to you for favourable action.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Martin Tom,
6 th January, 2018.

Repriced Loan Letter Sample

Sample re-priced personal loan letter for customer. Such kind of document might be issued by bank. All type of loan plan mentioned in this letter, revised  installment  schedule is attached for making future payment for customer. Repriced amount can be changed according to installment plan.

Repriced Claims Sample


Registration No….
Payment a/c number…..

Subject: Bank Personal Loan

Thank you for being a( bank name) personal loan customers. With reference to  the clause no. 4 of agreement for short term finance on Mark-up basis signed between you and the bank at the time of availing loan facility, your loan pricing was based on the variable pricing option which was linked to a benchmark (one year KIBOR)and a predefined spread.

Every year, your loan is repriced and any change in the benchmark reflects in your equal monthly installment (EMI) however the Predefined spread remains fixed for the tenure of the loan. Effective from 25th installment, your revised schedule is attached for making future payment.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding our products or services, please feel free to contact our 24 hour phone banking center at …..phone number or send us an email at…..email address.

We truly value your relationship and look forward to providing you the best possible service quality.

Best Regards,

Repriced Claims Sample
Repriced Claims Sample