Request Letter to University to Organize Health Seminar

Request Letter to University to Organize Health Seminar. It’s a health ministry, schools, colleges, hospitals authority and doctors responsibility to conduct seminar on health to create awareness regarding different health issues. This is a request format letter to university to organize the health seminar.

Request Letter to University to Organize Health Seminar

Mr. William Barge,
The University of Health and Sciences.
Sweden, England.

Subject: Request letter to universities authorities to organize health seminar for students

Respected Sir,

I, Mr. harry, chief executive of Medical Research centre writing this letter to request you to organize the health awareness seminar at university level. This is a need of hour to give awareness to young people through the research data of our expert medical team about most important health issues like diabetes, ulcer, cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, and role of psychological stress in developing and maintaining the medical issues.
In this seminar I would like your students’ team to highlights the precautionary measures that people can take to save their health from such miserable problems. The treatment area of this problem would be discussed by the other team of doctors. No doubt in this seminar we would also focus the signs and symptoms of these different health issues.
I would appreciate you, if you invite psychological experts too in this seminar to give importance on role of stress in maintain health issues. Our budget of conducting this seminar is about $4000. The registration of students would be $100 and registration for experts and professional would be $200. The seminar would be followed by tea break and then buffet lunch. The date of seminar would be announced 15 days prior to seminar. The advertisement would be through invitation letters via email and though media.
I know you always give your best. I really like your motivation that’s why I am once gain giving you a responsibility to conduct health seminar.Thanks and anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Harry
Chief Executive of Health Ministry

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