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Sample Request Letter For Issuing Training Certificate

Training as a trainee in different organizations is mandatory for some professional degrees and sometimes useful for getting experience and learning your job to make yourself more eligible for the required job afterward.  If you are a trainee who has completed his training and now wants your training certificate you can use these sample letters to ask for a training certificate just by modifying these sample letters easily.

Request Letter for Issuing Training Certificate

To: Rahul Verma,
Designation: Manager,
Organization:  PwC India.

Subject: For Issuing Training Certificate.

Respected Sir,

Hope to find you great. I am Sahil Nagar. I worked under you as an Audit trainee in this firm for 6 months. I completed my required training period here. Working under your guidance and mentorship was a great experience as I learned a lot in this short period. I am grateful to all my seniors and the teams I got assigned for different clients in this period.

Overall it was a great time and experience. I know this will be very important when I start working. The firm was very patient with all of us new trainees throughout the period. Our leaves were granted and we gained a lot. Now to move ahead in my career as you know I need my training certificate. Kindly allow me my training certificate as soon as possible so that I can say goodbye to this experience and finally get my degree.

I will be waiting for your response.

Warm Regards,

 Sahil Nagar.

Easy Request Letter for Issuing Training Certificate

To: Ajay Mishra,
Designation: Manager,
Organization:  A. F. Ferguson & CO.

Subject: For Issuing Training Certificate.

Respected Sir,

It is requested that I am Varun Singh. I wanted to inform you that my period of training as a tax department trainee will come to an end by the end of this month. My experience with this firm has been very great and I gained a lot of skills and experience that will add to my market value.

I have completed all my assigned projects and clients. This was a life-changing experience as I am fully trained to work in my life and feel grateful for this experience. My client reviews are attached and all the other details of my training period in this firm. I wanted you to issue me my training certificate as soon as possible. As I am currently applying for jobs and I need my experience proof in my CV.

I will be waiting for your response.

Warm Regards,

 Varun Singh.

Request Letter for Issuing Training Certificate

To: Aaruhi Singh
Designation: Manager,
University Of Technical Sciences.

Subject: For Issuing Training Certificate.

Respected Maam,

I am Shuba Verma, currently getting my training under your university training programs that I am required to complete my master’s. I am writing you this to notify you that my training period here is about to end and I will require my training certificate. I have undergone and completed class management, counseling, and design management training which was mandatory for me to qualify for my degree. I will like to inform you that I took no extra leaves in this period and all the tasks assigned to me were completed within the prescribed time. The training staff was very helpful and hardworking. This experience had made me more invested in my profession and I can see myself with this training as an eligible person for my future jobs.

So, for this reason, I want you to issue my training certificate with your appreciation review as soon as you can so that I can move forward with my career.

I will be waiting for your response.

Thanks. Shuba Verma.

The Choice of a Profession

The Choice of a profession

Profession means a paid job or occupation but for a specific time period subject to a long time duration, especially meant for training and a formal qualification. After getting the due training, the person is deemed eligible to join that particular field of profession. A professional always loves his profession and never ever thinks about giving up on that field of his or her interest.

On the other hand, job do not require special skills, and can be left at any time for it only includes money and monthly salary. This is the basic difference between a job and a profession. Now, the question is how to choose a profession? Many people think that if we know this or that then we are capable of doing any job in the world. Yes, you are right, you are eligible to do any job, but you are by no mean eligible to join any profession on the basis of jack of all trade. If you are everywhere, then believe me you are nowhere!

There are number of professions in the world like:

  1. Teaching
  2. Medical
  3. Engineering
  4. Cooking
  5. Travel guide
  6. You tuber
  7.  V logger
  8. Sewer
  9. Tailoring
  10. Earthenware craftsman
  11. Goldsmith
  12. Ironsmith
  13. Scientist
  14. Software engineer
  15. Mountaineering
  16. Counselor
  17. Psychologist
  18. Psychiatrist
  19. Entrepreneur
  20. Businessman
  21. Importer
  22. Exporter
  23. Textile dealer and many more professions, the list is long or never-ending as each year some new need evolve some new job. The circuit of life goes on like this.

Now, how to choose a profession? It is very simple and at the same time very difficult or confusing. See, if you are interested in some work or learning object then closely monitor the jobs linked with it, then make it your profession, but a person can be interested in two thing simultaneously, then prefer doing a Benjamin method that is take a sheet of paper, write pros and cons of both the interests and then on the basis of the filtered result choose one profession out of two.

Choosing a right profession saves you emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally cherry on the top, it brings colour in your life when you put innovation in your professional life!


Train Your Child to your Choice

Why training? The question is very simple, I mean it sounds easy, but deep down it is hell difficult. Yes! It is. We all are aware and quite used to professional, academic development, but ever thought of training the character, building a human body into a humane self? Frankly speaking, we had never thought of it, including me, but a few days ago, I came across news that stirred my soul and compelled me to think about making human….. Humane. We all are forgetting humanity, day by day, moment by moment.

              In any workplace, we train to get equipped with the all necessary skills to be called PROFESSIONALLY GROOMED. We seldom care to be called human beings as we are living a delusion that we look human so obviously we are human beings! Is that so simple? If yes, then why the suicide rate, corruption, the crime rate is increasing, why society is becoming less considerate and tolerant? What is missing? My dear, my dear… training, training, and training is missing and this very segment gets its start from each and every home. By looking at a man, one should be clear about the females of that house, a queen always raises her male as kings and princes or vice versa.

          7 years child is wise enough to recognize things, to differentiate between the two, and this is the very age to train him or her. Don’t raise your children on gender base, treat the both sex equally, for both are human being. According to me train yourself first, before you go for the training of others. Here are some fruitful suggestions for you in order to save this world from inhumane humans!Always listen to your child. Give them confidence that you as parents are their well-wishers, friends and beloveds too. Once this speaking-listening relationship is built, your child is harnessed well and tight.

Set rules and regulations for them. Tell them what to do, when to do and how to do. This process is too too lengthy and time taking as with boys repetition is training, repeat the thing 1000 times for years and then they might understand. Once understood by them, the results are everlasting and evergreen.

Be firm. Never be a puppet at the hand of your child, don’t feed their every wish, restrict them around need base. This will take their inner self to the outer world resulting in care, love and empathy for others. Always choose a middle and moderate way in each and every things.

Give logics. Whenever you are up to making them to stop doing something then do it step wise: sit with them, listen to them, guide them, tell them the consequences of the things, logically.

Always ask why and how question from the children. The reason behind this questioning approach is that it will excite their thinking process and automatically they will understand and critically foresee the situation which will save them from falling in any ditch.

Gather them on dining table/eating mat. Switch off TVs, mobiles in the eating times, have a cup of tea together. Make family time a happy time for them. There must be a bond, a connectivity within the family to get the things going on for eternity.

Prepare them for troubles. Tell children that this life is not a bed of roses, stop comparing your life with that of others. Tell them how to live a happy and contended life with limited resources, with less money or no money at all.

Teach them to care. Read stories to them that cater care and love for all human beings apart from their religion, sect, sex, race, creed, caste, and color. We all share the same flesh and blood, we all bleed, we all feel pain, we all laugh, and we all live, we all die. These qualities are common enough to declare us human beings. When we all look the same, then we all feel the same as well. Spend money, time, care, attention, and love on yourself and on others too.

Be happy, be human.