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Sales Letter to Customer for Christmas Special Offer

These letter formats for the people who are going to shop for Christmas so shopping websites send sale letters to the customers about their Christmas special offer.

Sales Letter to Customer for Christmas Special Offer

Mr & Mrs Mehta,


I am writing this to inform our amazing customers about this fabulous Christmas special offer. We know that Christmas is just around the corner and you are excited to have a lot of fun with your family and friends and you must be thinking where I would get all the accessories for Christmas so worry not anymore because we got you all! We have these amazing Christmas discounts going on at our stores just for our customers. We have 50% off on clothing and 25% off on home products. We want to fill your Christmas with all the magic and bring smiles on your face. Visit your nearest store and avail the greatest discount as soon as possible because everybody knows that we stock out as we stock in. We hope to see you at the store early this week. Thank you for your patronage and being the loyal customer.

Warm Regards,

Sales Officer,

Rahber Johnn

Sample Sales Letter for a Special Christmas Offer

Dear Customer,

Exciting gifts and exciting surprises all on your way! Yes, you heard me right. This letter is to notify you about the special Christmas offers at our mall. The opening of Mall is due on Christmas and with that opening celebration, there will be 25% flat off on all the brands in the mall. Christmas is the event which fills your heart with love, joy and happiness and this is our motive this Christmas to make the customers happy and make their Christmas exceptionally fun and astounding. There would be off on all the new and old articles and that is not just it, we have so many wonderful activities and games for all the customers. Everybody wants to get gifts at Christmas for their loved ones, right? So visit our mall and take advantage of these special offers and buy your loved one’s ecstatic gifts. Hurry up, reach to our Mall and shop till you drop!


Relation Officer,


Free Training Offer Letter

Free training offer letter by institute. Training is a procedure, in which someone get teaching, developing in, gets skills for a specific task. It starts with specific aims and goals of building a capacity in targeted person. It would be followed by specific selection. This is a written sample format how to write a letter for someone who has been selected for free training program by the institute.

Free Training Offer Letter

Miss Danny
Senior Psychologist
UNO Internationals

Subject: Free training offer letter by institute

Dear Madam,

Respectfully, it is stated that we are very glad to announce that our team has selected you for a free training of capacity building leading towards the designation of head of HR department. We find you honest, devoted and determined towards your work in last three years. With specific duties towards your work, you also maintain a healthy relationship with your juniors and seniors as well. Your performance and feed back of work forced us to take such decision.
Now you have to sign our new agreements according to this training. Let me define some basic criteria for this training;

1-  The time duration of this training is 3 months.
2- The timings of training are 2 hours on daily bases 8 am to 10 am.
3-  Mr. William will lead this training.
4- 14 other selected psychologists would get training with you.
If you need any other information feel free to contact us. We need some document from your side, I emailing you the list of that required papers. Please check it and submit them in or documentation department.
After passing through the training of capacity building leading towards HR Head of department your salary would be revised also with your designation. We would wait for your positive reply.
Best of luck no doubt it’s a great opportunity.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Harry
Director Head of Training Programs

Special Announcement Offer Letter for Employees

Sample special announcement offer letter for employees. Special announcements are true feasts for everyone, but when it comes to employees from their respective it turned into gala spa! Special announcements can be of any nature, but it is encouraging and relaxing in its very nature. This format can be dealt with care
for the concerning souls.

Special Announcement Offer Letter for Employees

The Sales Staff,
Lily Shoes Brand of Class,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Special announcement offer for employees

Dear Staff!

Good day! It is a matter of great pride and satisfaction for us to announce the target of sales’ department achievements this year. As per routine, we set goal of achieving ninety per cent this year, but to our pleasant surprise our dedicated team of sales department hauled hundred per cent target this year! Keeping in view the previous milestones achieved by you people, we had prepared a graphic presentation to show the increase or decrease in the sales output and this will other departments of this company a very crystal clear picture of the toil of sales department.

As an asset of ours, we recognize your unconditional efforts. You put your energy and hard work for us, so it is incumbent on ourselves to show our token of gratitude to you people. We decided to increase your payroll from $5000.00 to 5500.00 per month and in addition to it we offer seventy per cent special discount for our valued team and their whole family on shoes of all types ranging from comfit
sandals to moccasins to court heels. Enjoy your bonus and choose the best from stock for you or your loved ones in three days special discount offer. We congratulate you on the behalf of all other departments. Have a great one!
Best Regards,
Mr. Chairman,
1 st October, 2017.