Application for College Continuation Certificate

The following application I is by a student to the vice-chancellor of his university in which he requests for a college continuation certificate so that he can continue his studies.

Application for College Continuation Certificate

The Vice-Chancellor,

The University of Mumbai,


SUBJECT: College Continuation Certificate

Respected Sir,

My name is Ali Irfan, and I am a History student at your renowned university. I finished my final examinations two months ago and received a 3.7 CGPA by the grace of God. Sir, I am writing to beg for your assistance in obtaining my college continuation certificate. I wish to continue my education at Oxford University since I qualify for scholarships, but I can’t apply now. The reason for this is because the entrance procedure demands a bonafide letter from my previous studies institution, which I do not have.

It is sincerely asked that you assist me with this difficulty as soon as possible so that I can obtain my college continuation certificate and apply to Oxford University to continue my studies. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Yours Obediently,

Ali Irfan – 1101

History Department 2017-2021

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