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Sample letter of One Month Leave for Husband’s Military Graduation

Sample letter of one month leave for husband’s military graduation by the working wife. working couple has to face a number of issues in their lives, but to live a beautiful life both the partners should and must make little compromises to adjust themselves to fit into each other lives. This easy format is for such couples who are showing their care for their spouse and providing soft cushions to each other.

Sample letter of One Month Leave for Husband’s Military Graduation

Managing Officer,
Human Resource Department, Hi-Tech Company
California, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting one month leave for husband’s military graduation by the working wife

Dear Sir,

It is to state with due reverence that I am Ms. Martin Bede. My husband is a military personnel as is obvious from my profile details. My husband is right now residing abroad on a United Nations mission and could not come here so I have to fly to him as by the grace of god, he is graduating in military code of ethics. This is a wonderful and the most awaited day of my life as well for my kids as well. We could not stay back on his the greatest day and wanted to join him in his dream degree and the auspicious event.
I am in need of one month leave from my work on this account, but I assure you that there is no pending work on my behalf and as soon as I come back I will definitely complete this month’s work at my earliest. If the leave is not to be taken with salary then please sanction me the leave of one month without leave. Thanking in anticipation.

Best regards,
Mrs. Martin Bede,

20th January, 2019.

Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony

Sample Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony in order to invite your teachers/friends/mates etc.  This invitation letter template can be used to invite people on graduation ceremony, party or even convocation. Easy format is provided below.

Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony

Mr. James Steve,
Professor Yale University.

Subject: Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony

Dear Professor,

I hope that you’ll be in best of your health. I am pleased to write and let you know about my graduation ceremony which is in the first week of this month i.e. 5th Jan, 2017. I am flabbergasted to know that I will be awarded with a medal in my batch. Sir, all that I am now, I owe this to you. You have done intense hard-work with me and for me thus making my success possible. I want to invite you on this big day of mine. All I want is your kind presence there.

Sir, I understand that you are bus with your schedule but I would be obliged enough if you can make it happen. Please take out some time to come along me. I want you to be there as I dedicate my success to you, truly. I hope that you’ll surely ponder upon my words. Thanking you now and ever.

Best Regards,

Simi Kevin
Contact: 000-000-000


Sample Invitation Letter for Graduation Party

Dear James Kim,

I am glad to inform you that I had my convocation last week and I have planned my graduation party with my beloved family friends this weekend. I want you to join me that day along with your family. We’ll have a re-union as well as it is a great chance for us all to meet since we were planning it for many days. I cordially invite you to join me and my family for this party. I don’t want you to get into formalities, just be there with your cheerful personality. The invitation card is attached with the letter.  I shall be happy to see you.

Warm Regards,

Simi Kevin
Contact: 000-000-000

Letter of Congratulation on Scholarship

Sample Letter of Congratulation on Scholarship.Winning of scholarship is a prime time in any student’s life and wishing is one way of celebrating and written expressions can be found here!Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Letter of Congratulation on Scholarship

Mr. Joseph Tom,
London Military College,
United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Congratulation on Scholarship

Dearest Joseph Tom,

Heartiest congratulation on getting scholarship due to your brilliant success. I am the sole witness of your hard work during your stay in the college as we shared the same room as room-mates. I saw you working day and night and burning mid night oil to get what you dream for.

I am very much inspired by your sense of achievement and your words of passion and patience that stayed with you in the tough training sessions. The exercises were not at all a child’s work to do but it demands the greatest morale and fitness to get along through the challenges. I am impressed that you had left no stone un-turned to keep the worth of your words intact. I salute you for your hard work.

You deserved the winning academic trophy and the linked merit scholarship for that. I wish you success in your life but my friend never forget the masters who add their share in making you what you are today and what you will be tomorrow. Among the creators are your family members, teachers and then your friends. I just want to share one piece of advice with you that never take words of others to your heart and never take success to your head. Stay Blessed.

Yours loving,
Mr. John Cliff,
March 4, 2016

Letter of Congratulation on Scholarship
Letter of Congratulation on Scholarship

Scholarship Congratulation Letter

Dear John,

I give you my heartiest congratulation on getting a scholarship of your dream university. It makes me so happy that your hard work paid off. I am very proud of you for making this big dream, a beautiful reality now. Your morale was always high and you never lost hope in this regard. I personally believe that you deserve this scholarship and due to your hard work, you got it. I give you my best wishes for your future and sustain this attitude always. I hope you give your best in your further academic career and make us proud like this always.

Warm Regards & Wishes,


Congratulation Letter on Graduation Completion

Sample Letter Format of Congratulation on Graduation Completion.Gaining degree is an important moment of student’s life and celebrating it is a golden time for family members. Such letter can be used by persons like friend,brother, sister family relations who wanted to wish their loved ones with their wishing.

Sample Congratulation Letter on Graduation Completion

Dearest Jefferson,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Congratulation on Graduation Completion

My Dear Sister,

It is a matter of great delight and honour for our family that you had earned your degree with flying colours and to celebrate it is a must thing! I am really very happy for you that you scored better than me in your graduation. I hope father
would be madly happy on your achievement and so would be mother and other family member.

I know I am not with you at this special time of your life but my all wishes and prayers are always with you. I wanted to attend the party that our father cracked in your honour but I could not be there with my physical presence as I am out of country and stationed in UN Peace mission. Job is important as it is for the country and I keep my heart relations away from my line of duty. I hope you will my position and passion as always.

I had sent a cheque of 5000$ on your way so that you can purchase whatever you want for your success. Don’t forget to include the needy in your happiness and give them a fair share of gifts as well from yours as well from my side. Takes Care my sweetest sister. Prayers and best wishes.

Yours Brother
Steward Jones
March 4, 2016.

Congratulation Letter on Graduation Completion
Congratulation Letter on Graduation Completion