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Sample letter of One Month Leave for Husband’s Military Graduation

Sample letter of one month leave for husband’s military graduation by the working wife. working couple has to face a number of issues in their lives, but to live a beautiful life both the partners should and must make little compromises to adjust themselves to fit into each other lives. This easy format is for such couples who are showing their care for their spouse and providing soft cushions to each other.

Sample letter of One Month Leave for Husband’s Military Graduation

Managing Officer,
Human Resource Department, Hi-Tech Company
California, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting one month leave for husband’s military graduation by the working wife

Dear Sir,

It is to state with due reverence that I am Ms. Martin Bede. My husband is a military personnel as is obvious from my profile details. My husband is right now residing abroad on a United Nations mission and could not come here so I have to fly to him as by the grace of god, he is graduating in military code of ethics. This is a wonderful and the most awaited day of my life as well for my kids as well. We could not stay back on his the greatest day and wanted to join him in his dream degree and the auspicious event.
I am in need of one month leave from my work on this account, but I assure you that there is no pending work on my behalf and as soon as I come back I will definitely complete this month’s work at my earliest. If the leave is not to be taken with salary then please sanction me the leave of one month without leave. Thanking in anticipation.

Best regards,
Mrs. Martin Bede,

20th January, 2019.

Leave Letter for Convocation

Leave Letter for Convocation. Convocations are best and the most memorable day in the life of any person and to avail leave for this laurel is a pleasure. This format is helpful for the delighted persons.

Sample Leave Letter for Convocation

The Manager
Coca Cola Packaging Department,
Wales, United Kingdom.

Subject: Leave Letter for Convocation of an Employee

Respected Sir,

I hope you will be in excellent health and rejoice in your life. Recently I am blessed with the news of my convocation! I am right now gliding in air and gearing myself to attend the auspicious ceremony of my convocation where I held third position in my department of management. I am in so much hurry that you cannot gauge my acceleration. Sir, my clutch is in your hand and for that reason I want a barometer of leave to set off my pressure and glide towards the exact MP hall. Kindly grant me the said leaves. Thank you.


Mr. Spark Joy,
1 st May, 2017.

Sample Teacher Leave Letter for Convocation

The Principal
Aster School System,
Wales, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Leave for Personal Convocation of a teacher

Respected Sir,

I am Ms. Liza Mib and recently joined this prestigious school to enhance my professional career and learning abilities. I know very well that I am currently on probation period and availing of any leave for any purpose is equivalent to sin, but sadly I had to indulge myself in this sin as the reason is very charming. I am called for my convocation! You knew what it meant for the student who had not yet received her degree. I hope you will consider my feelings and grant me one day leave. I expect positivity from thy side.


Ms. Liza Mib
1 st May 2017.