Demand Letter for Refund Security Deposit

These are sample demand Letter for refund of security deposit by the customer or supplier. You can make necessary changes to the below letters as per your need.

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Demand Letter for Refund Security Deposit


The Finance Head,

Abide Oil Pvt Ltd.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I have worked in this estimated company for 5 years now as a finance manager and recently resigned from this post. I have always loved the environment of the company and ease it gives to employee. Therefore, expecting the same ease I want to request for security deposit refund. As per company policy, company is obligated to pay the security deposit of the employee. My clearance form is enclosed. I want you to issue it as soon as possible. I have requested one time before also for the security deposit but there was no response. This time I want to inform you that my resign notice period is also going to end soon. I request you to refund my security deposit as early as possible, I have other things in my mind and need to do those also. I would be grateful to you for this.

Warm Regards,


Demand Letter for Return of Security Deposit


Authority Name…

Company Name:—————-


Subject: Request to return security deposits

Dear Sir,

I am writing as an ex-employee of this firm, currently I am working on my resign notice. I have very good experience from this firm and got too learn a lot of good stuff which I couldn’t have learned anywhere else. This place is surly a second home to me but to strive in life, one need to move on. Therefore, my main objective of writing this letter is to request for refund of my security deposit. As per company policy, it has my security deposit equivalent to 2 month salary. My resign notice period is also coming to an end. And I have got another job in different city so I need to get my refund soon before I leave this city. I want management to work in my matter as soon as possible and refund me my security deposit. Thank you for considering my letter.

Yours Faithfully,


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