Invitation Letter to Donors

Sample invitation letter to donors of an NGO (Non profitable) for a conference.The current era is a hallmark in online business and skype conferences are frequent in such meetings. The heads who wanted to convey their agenda of meetings to their respective donors can opt to use this format as is designed for such dealings.

Sample Invitation Letter to Donors of an NGO for a Conference

The Vice President,
Wellbeing Humanity Corporation and Trust.
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Invitation letter to donors of an NGO (Non profitable) for a conference

Respected Faculty Member!

Hope you will be sailing in good boat of health, wealth and mental as well as physical prosperity. My all the best wishes and solemn prayers are with you and the people under your command. The reason of my sketching this draft to you in nick of time is hark of mighty works and targets that we are supposed to meet in the coming couple of weeks.

Let me tell you the agenda points first, so that your member must come prepared with the stuff needed in the conference meeting hall. Kindly note the following points:

1. Recent diaries
2. Audio tapes and CDs
3. Accounts files/annual newsletter
4. Recent files of annual report/balance sheet
5. Flash drives/documentaries

I am unable to come straight physically to the meeting area as I am busy in a mission abroad, so I decided to get to you people via skype. Please do make sure the presence of each and every faculty member of yours as the nature of work is alarming and could not be disclosed earlier. Hope you will understand. Thankyou.

Stay blessed,

Mr. Macbeth Iago.
16 th May, 2016.

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