Sample Grievance Letter on Wrong Termination by the Employer

Termination is an insult, but is equally a basic need of almost all the organizations around the world. The employers are human too and like everyone else, they also make mistakes, but a good soul is never hesitant of eating back his words and show his or her grievance. This letter is for such good employers who are sensitive towards other prestige and show their care by showing their grievance on their wrong termination.

Sample Grievance Letter on Wrong Termination by the Employer


Mr. Manager,
Cael Shea Consultancy System,
California, United State of America.

Subject: Grievance letter on wrong termination by the employer

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you sir? I hope you will be satiated in your lovely life and enjoying the fruits of hard work and justice to its fullest. It is to state with due respect and honour that I am Mr. Arthur Rend, the head of Information Technology. We all come here for work an there is no other motive for our coming here. We are all human and you might have heard that ‘to err is human’ and making mistakes is embedded in our natures and instinct. I am an owner, but I am a human too. In a fit of anger, I passed my order of termination towards your table and paid no heed to your explanation and clarification, but when I came back to my senses, I suddenly recalled all the mumbled pleadings of yours that made me realized about the real and actual culprit. My inner had witnessed you innocent and I am really sorry for the wrong termination of yours on my behalf. Being a gentleman yourself, I hope you will accept my apology and will pardon me. You are reinstated on your previous position and salary scale.

Best Regards,
Mr. Arthur Rend,
30 th December, 2018.

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