Sample Grievance letter for the Employer

Sample Grievance letter for the Employer

Grievance are meant to confront the hearts of the persons who had given a set-back in their lives to their respective departments or persons in charge. There are number of companies known as ‘Groups’ and in these collection of different companies there is always one boss who enjoy the power to send grievance to any of its employer batch. This format is for such bosses who faced accusation on the part of any one of his or her employers.

Grievance letter for Employer

Sample Letter Format of Grievance by Employer


The Commanding Officer,

Human Resource Department, Visa Section,

California, United State of America.

Subject: Grievance letter for the employer

Dear Sir,

It is to state with due reverence that I am Mr. Arthur Bede, the owner of this chain of groups association. As you know, we are an integral part of the government sector and due to our name and good reputation the government had attached certain expectations from us and we never ditched them on those grounds. You are a new employer of your company and is handling the visa section of this group. As per rule, if some employee had made a serious mistake, then he is liable to be straight away fired from his connection to this company, but we feel for you and know you personally, so we are not entertaining you with a warning letter or a termination letter. We are sorry and felt ashamed of the mistakes that you made on the visa of almost thirty people and at a time! I suggest you not to repeat the same ever in your life or we will no longer be in good relationship with each other.

Best Regards,

Mr. Arthur Bede,
30th December, 2018.

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