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Sample Sponsorship Letter for Conference

Sample sponsorship letter for conference. Security matters a lot in anything and everywhere whether it is schools, companies, marques, wedding halls, mosques or conference halls. Sponsors provide not only the money, but also the place and the due arrangements for safe and sound proceedings. This format can be useful for the ones who wish to have sponsorship letter from the respective persons in order to meet up their requirements and needs.

Sample Sponsorship Letter for Conference

The Principal,
Allied Aster High School for Boys,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting a sponsorship letter for conference

Respected Sir,

Good day! We hope you will be fine and safe in your life. I pray you remain the same in your life forever. Amen. Let me introduce myself, I am Mr. Rock Ronaldo, the social worker and my area of expertise is personal grooming of the young talent. You are not familiar with me by face as I had sent my assistant to get a plan signed with you. His name is Mr. Joe and he had come to you a couple of days ago.
He is sick nowadays, so is unable to come and I could not rely on anyone except him. I am truly busy in organizing various conferences so personally I cannot come to see you that is why I am writing you this letter.
You had signed the letter for consenting the sponsorship for the conference and for reason I want the consent letter from you indicating that you are willing to give sponsorship for conference on personal grooming. It is just my habit to keep record of such treaties. I hope you will give me the said letter and make me thankful for this act of generosity. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Mr. Rock Ronaldo,
12th July, 2019.

Letter for Sponsorship of Conference

Sample Letter for Sponsorship of Conference. If any body is going to conduct any international conference and is looking for sponsors in this regard then an official sponsorship letter is to be prepared. Easy format is provided below, you may add necessary details.

Letter for Sponsorship of Conference

The Elma Engineering Firm,
Greenland, Denmark.

Subject: Letter for Sponsorship of Conference

Dear Manager HR,

We are writing to inform you that the ‘Society of Technology’ at Global Institute of Engineering is planning to initiate an international conference on behalf of our senior professors and members from rotary club. The purpose of this conference is to enhance the capacity building and to bring out the talent to fresh engineers as well. We’ll be arranging scientific exhibition along with demonstration of major projects. The tenure decided for this conference is 3 days i.e. 4-6 September, 2016.

The purpose of writing is to request your prestigious organization to be a supportive hand and sponsor our International Conference as a managing party. We will arrange every single item but are looking for sponsorship which will ultimately enhance the worth of this event.

We are inviting international parties, to collaborate with us but your participation would be sort of intense pleasure for us. We have attached all details of the conference with the letter. We hope that you will definitely will a positive gesture and will contribute towards this.

We shall be highly obliged.


Society of Technology.

Thank you Letter for Supporting an Event

Letter of thanks can be sent to volunteers, interns, students, employee, staff members and common people to thank them for their support. Here is a sample Thanks letter for supporting, an easy format to be used. Alternations can be done.

Thanks Letter for Supporting the Cause


The Director,
ABC Foundation.

Subject: Thanks Letter for Supporting

Dear Sir,

We  want to express our deepest gratitude for the purpose that Fatima Group of companies has been supporting us since long. You are like a supporting arch every time we need. We thank you for the support and favor provided by you on the seminar of awareness about our campaign.

Your support have always been a source of encouragement for us, and it always bring up people to join hands with us. The donations through the seminar are valuable and its all because of your interest in this regard. Your support is a back hand for us.

All the arrangements were up to the mark and it brought valour among our volunteers. It is really an honour for us. We hope that you will continue to support us in the same way every time.

Thanking you.


Rehman Foundation.

Thank you Letter for Supporting Event

The CEO,
Stars Inn Foundation.
DHA Phase 111,Cantt Lahore.

Subject: Thanks Letter for Supporting

Respected Sir,

We are very much obliged by the constitution Stars Inn was made to our awareness walk successful which was scheduled on 5 July, 2013. Stars Inn has been serving Rehman Foundation since a long time by donating generously. It has served our volunteers and the entire team during the walk by providing beverages and refreshments. We want to thank you for this kind gesture of yours. It was such an effective initiative towards our cause.

We hope that in the same way you will stand by us in every  hour of need.


Rehman Foundation.