Letter to Friend to Congratulate on his Success

Here is a Sample Letter Congratulating your Friend on his success. Write A Letter To Your Friend Congratulating Him On His Success In The Examination. Necessary Changes can be done.

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Sample Letter to Friend to Congratulate on his Success

Babar Singh

Red Minar,

Delhi, India

26th December 2021

My Dear Friend Babar,

It seems like we haven’t seen each other in a long time; I believe we last saw each other at our school’s farewell party; nonetheless, how have you been? Well, I heard your intermediate-level scores were released last week. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to inform you that you have passed the Higher Secondary School Examination. You’ve also clinched first place. As a result, I congratulate you on your outstanding achievement. All of my family members are ecstatic to learn about this. I’ll make every effort to meet you in person as soon as possible. It’s a fantastic successor for you. Please convey my warmest wishes to your folks. I miss you, brother; please come to Mumbai, and my classmates miss you and think about you every day. I will wait for a prompt response from you. I’m hoping you won’t let me down in this aspect. Take care of yourself, my dear friend.

Yours Sincerely,

Keith Nafaq

Letter to Your Friend Congratulating him on Examination

My Dear Friend,

Your last letter brought the happy news of your brilliant extra-ordinary success in the F.Sc. examination. It was really the reward of your toil, persistent effort, and prayers of your parents. I am extremely buoyed by it. Your brilliant success reciprocates with your diligence, effort, and precision. I have no words to express my feelings and sentiments.

You have, definitely, set an example for your peers and younger ones. This success will open new possibilities and opportunities. You have inspired me a lot. You have excelled. No doubt, I would like to share your experience, which you have gained while preparing for the examination. You must feel sure and secure.

Congratulate your parents on my behalf.

Yours Truly,

Sara Khan

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