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Request Letter for Rashan Sponsorship

Request Letter for Rashan Sponsorship

Subject: Letter to Restaurant for rashan sponsorship

Dear (Restaurant Owner Name),

I am official content writer from “Basic Needs Provider” NGO. I am writing this letter to request for your sponsorship for our NGO. We raise fund and provide essentials to the people living in despair and without anything. We will be happy to join our hands with you and have you as our corporate sponsor. Our main motive is to bring change in the society by every mean and this role of your restaurant would mean a lot to us. If you give us “Rashan sponsorship” for some poor families, we will have your sponsorship in our account and will make you official partner in bringing good change in the world. Every year we try to held different fund raising parties, in which we have a lot of sponsors and with the benefiting the poor, sponsors business is also very promoted. Please let us know about your company’s interest.

Yours Sincerely,


Rashan Sponsorship Letter for Restaurant

Dear (Restaurant owner name),

I am Mr. Ali Ahmad and I am writing from nonprofit organization that works for poor and needy. We have started this NGO since past 3 years and constantly trying to make lives change and we have also kicked start small business for some of the needy family. Our purpose to write this letter to you to ask for some Rashan Sponsorship, which we can distribute among needy and poor. We have routes going on every week, instead of taking care of the poor people residing in our NGO, we also look after people of some lower sect with no actual source of income. We try to do and spread well as much as we can. We have pointed out some places where there is a lot need of food so please help us by providing some Rashaan to our NGO. This would be your kind gesture towards humanity.

Your Sincerely,

President & CEO————————-

Sponsorship Letter to Food Company for Rashan

Dear Sir,

At this “Feed the poor” nonprofit organization, we take care of the souls which are dying due to lack of nourishment and food. Our NGO covers bigger cases and resolves them without any help of government, this organization was made by some selfless people, who can go beyond limits to do anything for the humanity. As our organization name suggests, we collect food for people and provide them. This year we have also aimed to provide monthly Rashaan to some really needy families. We have already listed down the families, which doesn’t have anyone to provide them basic human life needs so we have taken it into our hands to provide them monthly Rashan. We request you to please help us in giving food from your food companies for the poor so we can actually bring change in world. We would like you to be our sponsor partner and join hands in making this country more healthy and wealthy again.


Yours Truly,

Director Finance:——————————–

Letter for Sponsorship of Conference

Sample Letter for Sponsorship of Conference. If any body is going to conduct any international conference and is looking for sponsors in this regard then an official sponsorship letter is to be prepared. Easy format is provided below, you may add necessary details.

Letter for Sponsorship of Conference

The Elma Engineering Firm,
Greenland, Denmark.

Subject: Letter for Sponsorship of Conference

Dear Manager HR,

We are writing to inform you that the ‘Society of Technology’ at Global Institute of Engineering is planning to initiate an international conference on behalf of our senior professors and members from rotary club. The purpose of this conference is to enhance the capacity building and to bring out the talent to fresh engineers as well. We’ll be arranging scientific exhibition along with demonstration of major projects. The tenure decided for this conference is 3 days i.e. 4-6 September, 2016.

The purpose of writing is to request your prestigious organization to be a supportive hand and sponsor our International Conference as a managing party. We will arrange every single item but are looking for sponsorship which will ultimately enhance the worth of this event.

We are inviting international parties, to collaborate with us but your participation would be sort of intense pleasure for us. We have attached all details of the conference with the letter. We hope that you will definitely will a positive gesture and will contribute towards this.

We shall be highly obliged.


Society of Technology.

Example of a Sponsorship Letter for an Event

Dear Beth,

I hope you’re well. My name is Bruce, and I’m the director of development at Small Steps for Change. Our nonprofit organization is on a mission to advocate for youth education by taking small steps towards big change. Our annual 5K is quickly approaching, and we’re looking for potential sponsors to help make the event a reality.

We believe that your company aligns with our mission since you work hard to provide an accurate curriculum for elementary schools in our region. We need your help.

The purpose of the 5K is to raise $10,000 for after-school educational programs for the schools in our local area. With this goal, we hope to provide crucial supplies, pay after-school directors and redecorate the program spaces. If your organization contributes to our cause, we’d like to offer promotional opportunities. Our organization would feature your company in the promotional materials for the 5K, on our website and in the nonprofit’s annual report.

I plan to follow up with you in the next two weeks via phone call. I’m looking forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you may have.

Until then,
Director of development

Sample Letter for Sponsorship of Conference

[Your Name]
[Your Title]
[Your Organization]
[Your Address]

[Recipient’s Name]
[Recipient’s Title]
[Conference Organizing Committee]

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing on behalf of [Your Organization], a [brief description of your organization, e.g., leading technology company in the field of artificial intelligence], to express our strong interest in sponsoring the upcoming [Conference Name] scheduled to be held from [Conference Dates].

We have been following the progress and growth of [Conference Name] with great admiration over the years. The high caliber of speakers, diverse topics, and the significant impact this conference has on our industry make it an event that we are enthusiastic to support and be a part of.

We are interested in discussing various sponsorship opportunities available for [Your Organization] at [Conference Name]. These opportunities may include but are not limited to:

  1. [Sponsorship Level 1]: Description and benefits.
  2. [Sponsorship Level 2]: Description and benefits.
  3. [Sponsorship Level 3]: Description and benefits.
  4. [Customized Sponsorship]: We are open to tailoring a sponsorship package that meets our specific objectives and aligns with the needs of [Conference Name].

Please provide us with detailed information about the available sponsorship packages, including the associated costs, benefits, and any additional opportunities for visibility or engagement.

We believe that partnering with [Conference Name] will not only enhance our brand’s visibility but also strengthen our connections within the [specific industry or field] community.

Thank you for considering our sponsorship proposal. We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with [Conference Name] and being part of this exciting event.


[Your Name]

Letter of Sponsorship for Study

Sample Letter of Sponsorship for Study particularly for students who want to get themselves sponsored in order to pay their tuition fee or get enrolled in any program. Easy format of simply written convincing letter is provided below.

Sample Letter of Sponsorship for Study

Date: 5th May, 2016

Mr. Nick Kimley
Director Global Sharing Society, California.

Subject: Sponsorship for Study

Dear Mr. Nick,

I wish that you will be in best of your soundness and haleness. I’m writing you appreciate your efforts which you are doing for deserving persons and members of society, particularly students. My absolute purpose to write this letter is to inform you that I’m a deserving and competent student and I’ve completed my College previous month. Being a high scorer I want to further apply for Undergraduate studies but unfortunately I don’t have enough resources. As you are aware that to study in higher institutions the monetary demands are even more higher.

Owing to these personal issues of mine I’m in need of your kind consideration. I want my Undergraduate Program to be sponsored by your Non- Governmental Organization or even if any person could help in this regard. I assure you that I’ll take this help of yours as reward and I’ll prove to be the gem out of thousands!

All my result cards and certifications are attached with this letter, even the list of institutions in which I’ve applied is coupled. Being an optimistic person I have got high aims and I aspire to be at some worthy rank one day, and supports students like me. What you are sparing and spreading, is much more than anyone else could. Your concern is extremely essential for me at this stage. Hope to have a positive gesture from your side.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Jimmy Kim
Contact: 000-000-000


Letter for Sponsorship of an Event

Sample format letter for sponsorship of an event, can be used for sponsorship of annual dinner, fund raising dinner, musical event. Used by various firms or NGO’s for donation purpose. Letter is written to higher authorities or companies from which sponsorship is to be taken. Simple template for sponsorship event or Letter for sponsorship for charity event.

Proposal Letter for Sponsorship of an Event



Subject:  Letter For Sponsorship of Fund Raising Dinner

Dear Sir,

Our organization _________ is thankful for your favours and support every time. We are getting all possible benefits and favors from you. Your massive support is a big contribution for us. Considering our new project we are moving ahead for the making of SHELTER HOME.

This project is to provide shelter to orphan children and old age people. For this purpose we want to organize a fund raising dinner as well as a musical event in Pearl Continental Hotel. We want Unilever to support us for this  cause.Program includes catering, meal arrangement, decorations, media coverage and music band. An estimate about the whole event is about Rs five hundred thousand.

We want to provide our best so that people will be willing to do generous donations. We personally want to invite your higher authorities and management to join the cause and be a part of it. You also have to provide us receptionist and stage secretary. A banner showing your sponsorship and collaboration would be displayed. A meeting can be held to decide further tasks.

We are hopeful that by this effort of us and yours , we would be able to help these needy people. All the money and donation we will get from there, will purely for this cause. We want Unilever being a international organization, should also invite other international brands. The more the promotion, more will be the donations for this effective cause.

We shall be looking for a positive response.

Warm Regards,


Letter for Sponsorship of an Event
Letter for Sponsorship of an Event

 Request Letter for Event Sponsorship of Closing Ceremony


The General Manager,
Daewoo Services, Lahore.
Dear Sir,
This letter is to introduce yourself to our institution. We at ______________ for the welfare of special children. It is the largest Institution of Pakistan holding capacity to accommodate 650 special children. Their assessment, activities, physiotherapy, psychological tests all are conducted here. This is to inform that _______________every year organizes a Summer Internship Program in which students from allied schools like LGS, Aitchison, Beacon house and from many Universities perform voluntary work to support these children.
Like before, this year too at the end of Internship program we are arranging Closing Ceremony. Luckily this event is coming in the Holy month of Ramadan. We want you to sponsor us for this event, by arranging an if tar dinner. It would be a huge favor for us. The dinner would be in the premises of _______, catering and arrangement should be organized. Media coverage would be for publicizing.
We want you to consider this request as it would be a noble cause.Your interest would be obliged. Thanking you for your precious time.
 Warm Regards,
Institution Name:__________