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Transfer Request Letter of Revoking Sample

Transfer Request Letter of Revoking Sample. Revoking is a legal act of cancelling certain items, orders, policies, objects or anything of its nature. It is done to make things smoother and easier otherwise the system could not run properly and at its best pace. This format is designed for such persons who wish to request the transfer of the letter of revoking to meet their ends.

Transfer Request Letter of Revoking Sample

Mr. Chairman
Carl Lou Cue Consultancy and construction Firm, USA.

Subject: Requesting transfer letter of revoking

Respected Sir,

Good day! How are you sir? I hope you will be landing in the swing of joy and mirth and devouring the relish of bounties bestowed upon you by the Almighty. I pray for the eternity of the blessings upon you for the whole of your life. It is to state with much respect and due honour that I am Mr. Adam Bede, the overall in charge of this huge department.
I had ordered the things that I required for the maintenance of the department as it was suffering from leakage and needs timely renovation, but the material I got was of low quality and I again put forward my request to revoke the item list at the earliest, but still no action is put in this regard. Kindly transfer the revoking letter to the respective person in today’s time otherwise we will have to suffer the penalty as the days to exchange will come to its stand still and we have to compromise on the low quality of the pipes, paints and glues. Please see to this matter as soon as possible and make me thankful.Thank you for your time and attention.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Adam Bede,
30 th December, 2018.

Request for Job Transfer to Another City Branch

Request for Job Transfer to Another City Branch. This letter can be used by those employees who want to get a transfer from one city to another due to shifting or any other reason. Format is given below.

Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location

The Managing Director,
Mi Casa International.

Subject: Transfer Request to Another Branch

Dear Country Manager,

I am a regular employee at Accounts department in your company. I have been working for this company for the last six years and throughout my entire work time I have been regular, punctual, hard working and a dedicated employee. I have been awarded the best employee of the year twice and I have also received gold medal last year for my best performance.

Now I am shifting to Karachi next month with my family because of some family issues. Therefore, I request you to transfer my job from Islamabad to Karachi so that I can continue my hard work with your company.

I have already written a request to your Karachi branch, but I would like you to write a formal approval transfer letter so that I can complete all the necessary documentation process and get my cheque in advance. I have already completed all the necessary work that was under my control so no such work is left out.

I assure you that I will keep on doing the hard work and will try to give my best to your Karachi branch. I have and always will be a good asset to your company and will help to increase the goodwill of our prestigious company. I will be waiting for your response so that all my documents are transferred on time to Karachi branch.

I will be grateful and thankful to you for this huge favor. I am attaching my nic and other documents for your convenience.

Yours Sincerely,

Sheeba John

Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location

Sample Letter for Job Transfer to Another Branch

It is a sample letter format for job transfer from one sub office to other city office due to performance and staff shortage. One place to another place or authority want to shift their employee some other place or branch office , so this letter will be used that purpose. Its a good example for job transfer to another location, due to some reason management shift the place of office. It can be used for teacher job transfer letter.

Letter for Job Transfer to Another Branch

Company Name…..

Subject: Letter for Job Transfer

Mr. Shahid Anwar, You are working in Sufi & Co since five year, and the management of this company feeling proud  you  are the part of our esteem organization, due to some person shortage and progress in Karachi office. Karachi Sales office team has been transferred to you in Multan office.

To keeping in view you were look after all marketing activities at Karachi office because your appointment hereby as marketing executive in Karachi office. After being relieved from Karachi office, you are directed to report to Mr. Danish Ahmed  Director Marketing Karachi Sales office.

You are taking over report at Karachi sales office should promptly be sent to this office. I hope you will perform your tasks in very well form. Company has decided to arrange accommodation and conveyance for you in Multan and enhance the salary package and other allowances as well.

Best Wishes,

Manager Human Resource.

Letter for Job Transfer to Another Branch

Sample Letter for Job Transfer For Employee

Mr. Shahid Hussain
H.R Manager,
ASM Association.

Subject: Letter for Job Transfer

Dear Shahid, this letter is to inform you that all staff of ASM Association is working with great valour in order to bring success. As you are aware that we have opened a new branch of ASM Association in Islamabad. We are hiring staff for there and competent experienced persons is our priority.

We are pleased to inform that management has decided to shift you in that office as H.R Hiring Representative. You will be provided will extra benefits by company.We are certain, that you will hire quality people who will work with sincerity.

We hope that you will prove to be the best result of our choice.

ASM Association


Request Letter for Teachers Job Transfer to Other Campus

Mrs. Sajda Malik
The Educators, Lahore.

Subject: Letter for Job Transfer

Dear Madam,
This letter is to inform you that I am working in this institute since three years as a Maths Teacher. Recently, I got married and I went to Islamabad. I want to continue my job and my teaching record is good as well.

I do possess effective teaching skills, of which you are aware. Kindly, I want you to shift me over Islamabad branch of Educators School System. It would be a great favor if you consider my request.

Thanking You,

Sana Shahid.

Application Letter from Lecturer to DCO Requesting for Transfer

4 February 2006
The District Co-ordination Officer


Subject: Request for transfer from Sheikhupura to Lahore

I would request you to kindly consider my application for transfer from the Government College, Sheikhupura to any college in the Lahore city on the following grounds.

I am domiciled in Lahore. I had been living with my parents until the completion of my studies at the Punjab University in 2002.My old parents need my help most of the time. My elder brother is being trained in Karachi for commission in the Pakistan Navy.There is none at home to attend to my ailing father.

Iam living all alone in a rented house in Sheikhpura. It is not easy to save enough money after meeting all my expenses, for my parents and for keeping our Lahore house in good shape.
If I am transferred to a college in Lahore, I shall be greatly relieved of all the pressures. My family will then feel satisfied and secure.

I am prepared to explain my situation in an interview with you.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours Obediently,
Lecturer in English,
Govt College, Sheikhupura

Application Letter from Lecturer to DCO Requesting for Transfer

Official Transfer Request Letter

Sample official transfer letter for employee at Govt or private sector  to one city office to another city office or one department to other department or, it can be helpful for formal transfer letter format. You can change according to your need and can use this sample Transfer letter for employees.

Transfer Request Letter Format


The Director General

Subject:  Transfer Order of Mr _____________S/O______________Designation_____

Kindly refer to your office order no_______ dated______________ It is submitted that during the scrutiny of service book of Mr_________s/o________ as a junior clerk. It is pointed out that, he was appointed as office boy by the then director field. The official jointed his duty on 9-4-1984. His six month probationary period was up to 8-10-9-84. Which was not extended by the authority. At the time of appointment according to his date of birth i-e 1957 his age was near about 27 years. After the gap of four months his service was regularized through the department selection committee on 4-2-85 as office boy. Later on the director field issued an order in which he was re designated from the post of office boy to junior clerk. It is further added that he was transferred by your office to from the office of the Deputy District Office.

He is good responsible person and doing all tasks in ordered way. It is requested that in t he light of service record of the official as explained above the service matter of the official may kindly decided as early as possible to avoid any complicity according to audit report of view and this office may kindly be guided further for future action. District Office, ________________