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Job Application for Junior Clerk

Sample job application for junior clerk in government
sector.This letter is a help for those who seek clerical job in government sector.

Job Application for Junior Clerk

The Director,
Forestry Department,
London, England.

Subject: Job application for junior clerk in government sector

Respected Sir,

I recently saw on the official website: www.ukjobs.gov.com a germinal post for a position of an office clerk for the Forestry Department Check. I was thrilled to see this opportunity for occupation since I am committed to associate the work this wonderful agency does to reserve our forests for the future to come.
I am not naïve in this field and very well aware of this job’s challenges but I know how to work and to be part of the team that gears and upkeeps for more than 183 million acres of our nation’s bravura lands, to help mien exploration through an organised network of forest and land classes and the Forest Product Laboratory, as well as provide succour to private and other countries’ Government forestry agencies.
I adored what I read on the website concerning this job. ”It’s an overwhelming responsibility, but the prizes are as immeasurable as the views." I seriously fell in love with your mission statement! This positivity boost people like us to glide our lives in the sky. My hemmed in resume will deliver an overview of my work understanding during the past decade in the area of clerical onuses, which have been extensive and diverse.

I am pretty sure realize you will receive many applications for this position, but I hope you will give thought to mine resume as well and offer me the opportunity to be interviewed by your excelled self. Thanking in reciprocation.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Randal Job
14 th September, 2017.

Application for Age Relaxation in another Government Department

Sample application format for age relaxation in another government department. Achieving and thriving for better future is the progressive approach of all developed minds. This format is an aid for those who wanted to apply for age relaxation at the basis of already a government employee.

Application for Age Relaxation in another Government Department

The Minister,
Ministry of Education Department,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Request application for age relaxation in another government department

Respected sir,

Let me introduce myself that my name is Mr. David Ferry and currently holding an office in mobility center for disabled from the past five years. I am assistant director here, but I believe in serving the nation with my multifaceted abilities and capacities. For that reason, I now, wanted to move into another department of government.

I had devised certain policies regarding the education department so that you can freely investigate and scrutinize my qualification for the said post and reckon me age-relaxation in the upper limit. I had studied the whole infrastructure of the required department and came up with changes in curriculum and the amount of fund quota reserved for the education department. Copy of each policy will be forwarded to you as soon as you demand for it. You can see to my passion for the betterment of my nation. I hope you will consider my request for change in government department as well as relaxation in upper age-limit on the score of my status as an employee of

For your kind and prompt review I am herewith attaching carbon copies of my all legal documents for further scrutiny and transparency in validating me against the said post. I hope you will consider me fit for the required post after calculation based on my age and qualifications.

Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. David ferry,
9 th July, 2017

Sample letter for Government Accommodation

Sample letter format for government accommodation. Government jobs are blessings as they provide a number of facilities to their employee and a sound surety of their jobs. Accommodation is one such luxury.

Sample letter for Government Accommodation

The Minister
Housing Ministry Department,
New Delhi, India

Subject: Request for Government Accommodation

Respected Sir,

Hope your excellences will be devouring the best aroma and taste of your delicious feast of life in the best of health and prime. It is my honor to write up this humble piece of writing for your kind and keen inspection. Sir, I heard a lot of goodness of your character and spirit that you are a man of letter and stand firm on your decisions once taken. This encouraging news compelled me to put forward my request for a house to you in hope of getting my voice heard in the high command. The point to be noted is that I had dispatched a number of applications for the due right of mine of getting a house from this prestigious housing ministry, but no need was paid towards my piles of applications. I am writing and waiting from the last three years. All documents are ready and it is lingered on just because of the signature of the higher authority. I am again writing the same case to you. This time, I am very hopeful of getting back an assure from yours precious self.

I had attached all the necessary documents with this application for the transparency of my legal right of possessing government house. I am waiting anxiously for the favorable reply from your side. I will be brimmed with gratification if you will kindly pursue my case in your very hectic schedule.Thank you for bearing and reading me.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Devanund Chughtai,
9th July, 2017

Intimation Letter to Apply for New Vacancy

Sample Intimation Letter to Apply for New Vacancy. If any Government Employee wants to apply for a fresh vacancy in any sector he/she needs to provide intimation letter to the administration in order to apply against the fresh post through a proper channel. Easy format is provided below.

Intimation Letter to Apply for New Vacancy

The Administration,
Govt. ABC Sector.

Subject: Intimation Letter to Apply for New Vacancy

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that this letter serves to be an official intimation that I’m going to apply against the vacancy in Power Sector Case number: 00000, which is publicized and announced officially. As I find myself suitable candidate for this position and hold required qualification and experience, I’ll apply through a proper Government channel.

It is requested that kindly issue my No Objection Certificate as well, as I’ll be requiring one to attach with my application. The purpose of this intimation letter is to notify you about my step, while staying the employee of ABC sector so that it may not cause any hurdle later on. I’ll continue to keep up my service, if I’ll not be selected in case.

I hope that you will definitely have no objection upon this and kindly do provide me the necessary documents as soon as possible. I shall be obliged enough in this regard.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Name:– ———–

Intimation Letter to Apply for New Vacancy
Intimation Letter to Apply for New Vacancy

Intimation letter format for Applying in Another Job

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am going to apply against a vacancy in private company which deals globally. I have gone thoroughly through the requirement of the job and find myself suitable for this precise position as it also inclined with my qualification. I will apply for the job through proper way. It is also my request to issue me no objection certificate so I can apply without any hurdle.
The main motive of this intimation letter is to inform you about my new career changing step. I am really motivated to apply and hope you issue me concerned documents as early as possible.

Yours Truly,


Application for Relaxation in Office Timings

Sample Application for Relaxation in Office Timings. If any person, office employee wants to take relaxation in morning or evening timings due to some personal issues he/she can use the application format provided below to request for the relaxation in timings. Easy format is provided below.

Sample Application for Relaxation in Office Timings

The General Manager,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Request for Relaxation in Office Timings

Respected Sir,

With high esteem and regard it is stated that I am working in this organization since last year. Recently, I have been facing an issue. The problem is, I have to drop my nephew/young brother/ son to school and his/her morning time is 7:30 am. The school is located at about half hour of travelling distance from my office. No one else in the house can take this responsibility except me. Therefore, it is requested that kindly allow me the relaxation of 10-15 minutes in morning. As, I get late daily and I feel embarrassed. I  hope that you will understand the circumstances and will consider my request. I shall be highly obliged.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Sarah Victor.
P.A to General Manager.

Sample Application for Relaxation in Office Timings
Sample Application for Relaxation in Office Timings

Easy Format of Application for Relaxation in Timings

The Manager,
Alma Association.

Subject: Application for Relaxation in Office Timings

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I want to request for the relaxation in office timings. The reason is, my son has recently joined his evening coaching and his off timing is same as of mine 5pm. It takes me 20 minutes to reach is coaching center and he is not mature enough to take care of himself yet. At evening it is not possible for me to leave him alone. So, by taking in account all the condition I plea that kindly allow me 15 minutes relaxation during off timings. I will take off at 4:45 pm and I assure you that this will last for just one month.  I shall be highly obliged for this favor.

Thanking you I remain.

Jeny Steve.

Sample Request Application for Relaxation in Arrival time from School

The Principal,
School of Normans.
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Request Application for Relaxation in Arrival time from School

Respected Sir,

With due decorum and credit it is to state that I am class teacher of 9th Carnation of Science Section. I want 15 minutes relaxation in my arrival time. The reason for this demand is the dropping of my nephew to his school as no one is at home to take the charge of his dropping to the school and we cannot trust the drivers.

Kindly consider the matter and I assure you I will be there in the school after assembly time and before teaching time starts. Thanking in anticipaton.

Yours Sincerely
Ms. Pooja
December ,15, 2015

Sample Request Application for Time Relaxation during Summer Internship Program


Miss Harry,
The Rising Star Association
15 th July, 2018

Subject: Request for the change in time Duration (09:30-13:30)

Dear Miss Harry,

It’s been an honor for me to get enrolled in your prestigious institute for SIP and I am very grateful that I was provided with the opportunity to perform the community service which I believe is an essential part of life.
I am a student at Cadet College Hassan Abdaal and currently doing my A Levels. Apart from performing the community service in this Summer Break, Academics is yet another thing that I need to pay heed to. Therefore, I need to carry both of the things giving equal importance. For my Academic I am attending a few classes on daily Basis which I cannot miss in any case and since this summer Vacation is the best time that I can avail to build a strong academic background, I cannot afford to delay my course study.
The timing of one of my classes is from 7AM to 9:15AM, since the internship start at 08:30AM. It is not possible for me to come at the respected time. I tried changing my class timing but remain un-successful. Therefore it is a humble request to please allow me to come at 09:30 AM to that I can cope up with the schedule. Looking forward to a positive reply from your end.


Application for Pension Issuance

Sample Application for Pension Issuance for Government Employees who want the organization to release their pension. Easy format is provided below.

Application for Pension Issuance Sample(FOR GOVT. EMPLOYEES)


The                                                                                                                  October 28, 2014
Accounts Department,
(Put here your Govt. organization—————————-)
(Put here your Organization’s address.———————–.

Subject:                  REVIEW OF ISSUING PENSION AMOUNT.

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that reference to my retirement order No. ———— and letter No. ———— of dated …………. (copy attached) I have fulfill all terms & conditions regarding issuing for my said pension. It is noted that you have already received order No. …………..  dated ………….for the issuance of my monthly pensions.

Therefore it is requested to kindly grant me said pension from the month of……… year……. It  is pending since last ……….(two……) months. It is strongly requested for the same on urgent and earliest basis.
I shall be very thankful to you for this kindness.

Thanking you I remain,

Mr. ABC ………                                                                        






Application for Pension Issuance Sample
Application for Pension Issuance Sample


Official Transfer Request Letter

Sample official transfer letter for employee at Govt or private sector  to one city office to another city office or one department to other department or, it can be helpful for formal transfer letter format. You can change according to your need and can use this sample Transfer letter for employees.

Transfer Request Letter Format


The Director General

Subject:  Transfer Order of Mr _____________S/O______________Designation_____

Kindly refer to your office order no_______ dated______________ It is submitted that during the scrutiny of service book of Mr_________s/o________ as a junior clerk. It is pointed out that, he was appointed as office boy by the then director field. The official jointed his duty on 9-4-1984. His six month probationary period was up to 8-10-9-84. Which was not extended by the authority. At the time of appointment according to his date of birth i-e 1957 his age was near about 27 years. After the gap of four months his service was regularized through the department selection committee on 4-2-85 as office boy. Later on the director field issued an order in which he was re designated from the post of office boy to junior clerk. It is further added that he was transferred by your office to from the office of the Deputy District Office.

He is good responsible person and doing all tasks in ordered way. It is requested that in t he light of service record of the official as explained above the service matter of the official may kindly decided as early as possible to avoid any complicity according to audit report of view and this office may kindly be guided further for future action. District Office, ________________