Request for Job Transfer to Another City Branch

Request for Job Transfer to Another City Branch. This letter can be used by those employees who want to get a transfer from one city to another due to shifting or any other reason. Format is given below.

Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location

The Managing Director,
Mi Casa International.

Subject: Transfer Request to Another Branch

Dear Country Manager,

I am a regular employee at Accounts department in your company. I have been working for this company for the last six years and throughout my entire work time I have been regular, punctual, hard working and a dedicated employee. I have been awarded the best employee of the year twice and I have also received gold medal last year for my best performance.

Now I am shifting to Karachi next month with my family because of some family issues. Therefore, I request you to transfer my job from Islamabad to Karachi so that I can continue my hard work with your company.

I have already written a request to your Karachi branch, but I would like you to write a formal approval transfer letter so that I can complete all the necessary documentation process and get my cheque in advance. I have already completed all the necessary work that was under my control so no such work is left out.

I assure you that I will keep on doing the hard work and will try to give my best to your Karachi branch. I have and always will be a good asset to your company and will help to increase the goodwill of our prestigious company. I will be waiting for your response so that all my documents are transferred on time to Karachi branch.

I will be grateful and thankful to you for this huge favor. I am attaching my nic and other documents for your convenience.

Yours Sincerely,

Sheeba John

Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location
Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location

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